Ollie Fresh Dog Food Review (2022) – Quality and Ingredients Worth the Price?

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MyOllie is a fresh dog food delivery service subscription-based. They are specialized in providing service of customized fresh dog food plan based on your pups size, weight, breeds and etc.

Compare to Petplate and Norm Norm, MyOllie's biggest advantage is to provide specialize vet-approve and certified recipes (Come with 4 main ingredients: Chicken, beef, turkey, and lamb).

Some of my blog’s readers told me that Ollie’s fresh food has helped their pups switching from dry dog food kibble. We all know that dry dog food kibble which highly processes ingredients contains diseased animal material and meat ingredients sourced from non-slaughtered animals. Consume too much will cause your dog dehydration and nausea.


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Unlike traditional highly processed dry dog food kibble, fresh dog food is more nutritious, and does seem that many dogs that have previously suffered some stomach issues or allergies do much better on a fresh diet like Ollie.

Ollie Ingredients & Recipes

Ollie’s main focus is to produce the 4 vet-approved recipes, by using high-quality ingredients with minimal process method to lock in the most of nutrients. These recipes contain a large amount of real animal organ meats, protein, fruits, vegetables, and superfood.

Ollie has high review from most of the dog owners, not because of the fresh food quality. But also they care about every process that produces the food. Ollie specially hires a number of vet nutritionists and veterinarians to oversee every process of working together to give the best for the dogs.

Ollie ingredients and Food
  • 100% real food, real meat, no by-products or funky fillers.
  • Meat is at the forefront of all of our recipes—but not just any meat —real, high-quality protein sourced from farms in the US, New Zealand, and Australia.
  • Recipes include tons of fruit (blueberries and cranberries), Plant-based protein (Chickpeas, lentils, and peas), and Leafy greens and root vegetables (From kale to sweet potatoes, veggies are a rich source of dietary fiber for digestive health)
  • All recipes are designed and approved by cert veterinarians and recipes are minimally processed (Human edible).

Ollie Offers 4 Vet Approved Recipes

Ollie Beef Recipe

1. Beef - Beef, beef heart, sweet potato, peas, potato, beef kidney, carrot, beef liver, spinach, chia seed, dicalcium phosphate, blueberries, fish oil, iodized salt, zinc gluconate, rosemary, vitamin E supplement, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), riboflavin (vitamin B2), potassium iodide.

Ollie Chicken Recipe

2. Chicken - Chicken, chicken gizzard, carrots, peas, chicken liver, rice, chia seeds, spinach, potatoes, whole dried eggs, dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, blueberries, fish oil, iodized salt, cod liver oil, zinc gluconate, rosemary, copper gluconate, vitamin E supplement, potassium iodide, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), riboflavin (vitamin B2)

Ollie Turkey Recipe

    3. Turkey - Turkey breast, turkey liver, kale, carrots, lentils, blueberries, coconut oil, pumpkin, chia seeds, dicalcium phosphate, iodized salt, zinc gluconate, cod liver oil, iron sulfate, manganese gluconate, manganese sulfate, copper gluconate, vitamin E supplement, thiamine hydrochloride, potassium iodate

    Ollie Lamb Recipe

    4. Lamb - Lamb, lamb liver, butternut squash, kale, chickpeas, cranberries, potato, chia seeds, dicalcium phosphate, iodized salt, calcium carbonate, zinc gluconate, taurine, vitamin E supplement, iron sulfate, calcium pantothenate (vitamin B5), potassium iodate, manganese gluconate, thiamine hydrochloride, folic acid

    MyOllie Offer

    Ollie Review - My Personal Experience

    Ollie Package

    This is my first time receiving Ollie’s package and I’m going to share my personal experience and my Sammy (Golden Retriever) thought of it. Ollie's fresh food arrived in a frozen box with the dry ice inside to keep Sammy’s food VERY cold and fresh. 

    Ollie put a lot of effort on packaging (applause to ollie’s team), inside the box comes a welcome guide, feeding instruction, high-quality Tupperware, scooper to help make the transition to fresh dog food. If you feed your dog with dry food kibble. Convenience is a huge factor.

    This Tupperware lets you keep the food without the hassle of re-wrapping the half-pack of dog food in the containers after you feed your dog for dinner.

    The fresh food packs are well designed and the plastic tabs are easy to open and the top sheet of plastic slides right off, making it really easy to scoop out the food.

    You can tell that ollie is serious about their product and taking care of all the hassle, problems that dog owners are facing. Just from unboxing experience, I would give 4/5 rating. Let see more of their product.


    Process of Transition to Ollie's Fresh Food

    It is important to take note that, switching to ollie fresh food should be done step by step according to Ollie's transition guide. Do not make the transition completely at one time. This could cause your diarrhea, hurt their digestive system, and eventually health problem.

    Not to worry, inside the box has provided a transition fresh food guide book. As instructed, I started out giving Sammy just 1/4 of Ollie, along with 3/4 of her dry food kibble. After two days, then I gave half of the ollie food with another half of dry food kibble. This process happened over 3-5 days before I feed Sammy entirely Ollie fresh food

    Sammy Love Ollie

    Did Sammy Like It?

    After switching to Ollie, Sammy always wagging her tail toward me for food. I usually feed Sammy at 6 pm for her dinner. She just couldn’t wait and put her paw on to hint or asking for Ollie's fresh food. Sometimes, she even started drooling when I walk toward the kitchen.

    Her change in attitude certainly shows that she definitely loved Ollie's fresh food! 

    What were the Results of Ollie's Fresh Food

    Some of the LuverDog readers told me that, they have noticed their pup's energy level increase, shinier coat, poop improvement, and reduce allergies itching.

    But what about Sammy's overall condition? I do notice few changes in Sammy.

    1. Less Shedding 

    Dog shedding or lose hair process is normal, but the amount and frequency of losing hair reflect based on their health.

    After 2 weeks of switching Sammy to Ollie's fresh food, I immediately notice that the amount of hair loss is reduced significantly. Besides that, the frequency of Sammy scratching and licking her paw and body due to itchiness also reduce.

    These might be the high-quality ingredients of Ollie's fresh food that improve her coat and health system.

    2. Poop Improvements

    Ollie states that their fresh food recipes will help on dog's digestive system. And I’ve noticed this result happened to Sammy. Her poop a little firm, less smelly, and in long shape. I’m so happy, this would mean her overall health is improving.

    How Much Does Ollie Cost?

    The exact price of Ollie is depended on the weight, size, and your dog's current condition. But if break it down, the starting price is approximately $3.50 per day to feed a small dog breed and $6.00 per day for large dog breed.

    To be honest, Ollie isn’t exactly cheap. But seeing your pup's health condition is getting better and energetic, everything is worth putting a smile on them. 

    Good news here! – LuverDog readers can get 50% off for the first Ollie box order. This discount is only for one-time use, but it certainly gave you the chance to try out fresh dog food for your lovely dog.

    Ollie FAQ

    1. Where are Ollie’s Ingredients sourced from?

    Hormone-free* chicken, high-quality beef, and turkey from human-grade farms in the US, and our premium, pasture-raised lamb comes from free-range farms in the US and Australia. Our produce, seeds, and oils are carefully sourced and there's absolutely no fillers, artificial flavoring, or preservatives in our food. Ever. *Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in poultry

    2. Is Ollie Food Natural or Organic?

    The truth is, organic certification doesn’t tell the whole story. You can have all organic ingredients, but if they are processed so that they are shelf-stable, they lose most of their nutritional value and the food has to be supplemented. We believe that the quality of ingredients we source and the overall nutritional value of the food is more important.

    3. Is Ollie Dog Food Raw?

    No, Ollie food is cook with the minimal process to maintain the quality and nutrients of the ingredients.

    4. Is Ollie Good for Dogs?

    Yes! Ollie is made with premium ingredients and fresh meats, fruits, and veggies. This food also boasts impressive protein numbers, ranging anywhere from 35% – 44% protein!

    Trustpilot Review Ollie Food


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    Have you ever tried feeding your dog with Ollie? What was your experience like? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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