About LuverDog

The mission at Luver Dog is to bring value to readers by providing the very best resources and information of Golden Retriever to help dog owners. We believe human’s best friends deserve the best treatment after all!

Luver Dog is a website that covers below topics of Golden Retriever:

  • Training and Behavior
  • Provide the solution to solve the Golden Retriever problem
  • Breed Information
  • Product reviews and recommendations
  • Grooming resources
  • & much more!
Sarah Haws

Hi!  I’m Sarah Haws, the author, owner, and creator of this website.  I have raised a Golden Retriever named ‘Sammy’ since she was a baby. Right now, she is 6 years old, an attention seeker, playful and sometimes troublemaker. But I love my dog very much.

I’ve learned from on-the-ground experience of how to raise and take care of a Golden Retriever from puppy to a middle-age healthy dog. This is the site where I will share everything I’ve learned.


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