Why do French Bulldog have skin bumps?

Is your French Bulldog suffering from a bump under its skin? Skin bumps are more prevalent in elderly dogs, but they can also occur in younger Frenchies.

French Bulldogs are prone to a wide range of skin disorders and allergies. Several of these skin diseases can cause pimples to appear on the individual's skin. Some pimples may be treated at home with natural treatments, while others will necessitate the care of a veterinarian. 

Skin bumps in French bulldogs can be from little to large in size, and they typically develop on the abdomen, between folds, armpits, and chest.

Why do French Bulldog have skin bumps?

In this essay, we will explain why your French Bulldog develops skin bumps, what skin disorders might impact the French Bulldog, and how you can perhaps reduce any difficulties that may arise in the future.

What are the causes of French Bulldog's skin bumps?

There are a variety of reasons why your French Bulldog may develop skin pimples/bumps. The majority of skin bumps are non-cancerous or innocuous. However, it is conceivable that your pup will acquire persistent, abnormal growths of skin cells or tumors as a result of this condition.

Here are some of the most recurrent skin bumps caused in French Bulldogs that you should be aware of:

1. Abscess

An abscess is known as a collection of pus under the skin that develops over time. It may be brought by an illness or by a bite from an insect or other organism, among other things. If your veterinarian has successfully drained your Frenchie's abscess, he or she should be considerably more comfortable once the uncomfortable pressure from pus has been relieved.

2. Fleas

If your French Bulldog has fleas or has been bitten by fleas, you may see skin bumps on his body. The itching, licking, and chewing are signs of flea infestation in dogs. The itching will begin on the skin at the base of your French Bulldog's tail and around the base of his neck.

Oral and topical medications, as well as anti-flea collars, can be used to treat fleas. The saying goes that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," therefore, it is always preferable to treat your dog frequently to avoid fleas rather than trying to treat fleas after they have been discovered.

3. Warts

Warts are caused by multiple viruses and can be detected on the lips and within the mouths of newborn French Bulldog puppies. Usually, they will simply disappear on their own. Older Frenchies, on the other hand, may require surgery to have them removed, especially if they are giving your dog discomfort or feeding difficulties.

4. Cysts of the Sebaceous Gland

A Sebaceous Cyst is a non-cancerous but unsightly bump on your French Bulldog's skin. It is a clogged oil gland that seems to be a big pimple and is loaded with pus when you look at it. It is ordinary for a sebaceous cyst to rupture, resulting in a white cheese-like discharge. If the "cyst capsule" is not entirely removed or drained, it has the potential to re-fill after it has burst.

5. Hives

Hives on your Frenchie's skin may show as itchy red bumps on the surface of his skin. It is believed that hives are caused by an allergic reaction to an allergen, such as a bee sting or contact with a plant. If the incidence of hives is minor, it is common for skin bumps to disappear on their own. If the symptoms persist, you should take your dog to the veterinarian to rule out the possibility that he is experiencing a more serious allergic response that necessitates the use of a prescription.

6. Fatty Tumors

Typically, fatty tumors appear around the rib cage in elderly and overweight Frenchies, although they can appear elsewhere on the body. As a part of the aging process in French Bulldogs, they are not regarded as hazardous or damaging to their health (save in the sense that they may impede movement is placed on or near joints), and they should not be removed.

7. Mast Cell Carcinoma

A Mast Cell Carcinoma is a symptom of the most frequent kind of skin cancer in French Bulldogs.  They might range in size from tiny to large, but they generally appear as raised, hairless bumps. Mast Cell Tumors in French Bulldogs can be very aggressive and spread fast if not treated quickly.

8. Skin Tags

Skin tags are benign growths that are prevalent in senior French Bulldogs. They are not harmful to the dog. Skin tags are something that dogs commonly get as they grow older, and they appear pretty similar to bumps. 

They will show as separate bumps on your dog's body, with the majority of them appearing as stalk-like growths. When Frenchies are young, they may just have one skin tag.

Reasons of French Bulldog have skin bumps?

Other possible reasons include:

Bumps can arise spontaneously due to exposure to a specific allergy trigger, poor hygiene, bacterial infection, hormonal imbalance, and an improper diet, for example. Bumps appear in three phases, just as they do in people. The initial stage is characterized by blackheads, followed by redness, and finally by whiteheads. Typically, they appear throughout puberty and can be resolved by utilizing specific cosmetic items and converting a dog to a raw diet, among other things.

Eating food that is high in by-products, carbs, and artificial tastes may contribute to the development of this unpleasant disease. Dogs with bumps should often be given fresh vegetables and meat, according to veterinarian recommendations. Adding probiotic supplements, vitamin C, and other dog-safe supplements to your Frenchie's diet are also some of the components that can help to enhance the condition of her skin.

If your Frenchie has an abnormal sebaceous gland function or a hormonal imbalance, the pimples will be more challenging to get rid of. In severe cases, the dog may require antibiotic therapy (oral medicines, lotions, and creams), as well as bathing in shampoos that have been tailored for his specific needs and circumstances.

The best ways to treat skin bumps on French bulldogs?

The best ways to treat skin bumps on French bulldogs?

The presence of oily skin on your Frenchie should be investigated for hormonal imbalance, as recommended by the American Kennel Club. Bumps in dogs are frequently followed by seborrhea and dandruff, which means your dog may require a specific medical shampoo for treating Malassezia fungus in order to be comfortable. It is one of the most ordinary causes of the development of seborrhea and seborrheic dermatitis, which leads to bumps.

1. Selecting the Proper Shampoo

Your veterinarian should prescribe shampoo containing botanicals that relieve itching, redness, and irritation. Choose a shampoo that contains Aloe Vera, Tea tree oil, and Coconut oil since these components are beneficial in treating acne and pimples.

2. Cleaning the Frenchie folds regularly

The folds of a French bulldog, especially around his mouth, can carry dirt and food remnants that give an unpleasant odor if not cleaned on time. It would be beneficial to clean between your pet's coat folds using moist baby wipes or a moist cloth to avoid bumps between the folds. If there is any leftover moisture on the surface once the operation is completed, you should sprinkle cornstarch on it.

3. To treat irritated whiteheads, apply dog-safe acne treatments

If the pimples on your French Bulldog's skin are red and filled with whiteheads, you can treat them using acne treatments that are safe for dogs. Their drying impact on pimples, as well as their ability to accelerate the healing process, will be helpful to everyone. Zinc-containing lotions should not be purchased since it is a hazardous component for dogs. The use of zinc creams is beneficial for humans, but it might cause harm to our Frenchie's red blood cells, causing them to burst.

4. An illness caused by bacteria need quick intervention

You should never treat French bulldog skin rashes at home using human cosmetics, as this might cause infection. Dogs' skin is susceptible to the many chemicals in human cosmetics, which is especially true for puppies. Some of them may even be toxic, so you should avoid attempting to resolve this problem independently.

If your French Bull dog's pimples are filled with pus, take them to the veterinary doctor as soon as possible.

Is it usual for French Bulldogs to have pimples on their faces?

Pimples are common among Frenchies, and they are pretty natural. Acne and pimples can occur in Frenchies for a variety of causes. The environment, diet, lack of cleanliness, germs, illness, allergies, and the use of improper cosmetics are all potential causes for this condition (such as dying your dog for the holidays).

In addition to hormonal fluctuations, skin bumps and pimples on your dog can be caused by various other reasons. In the same way that people may have pimples, French Bulldogs can get pimples because of a hormonal imbalance. It is more likely that your Frenchie may develop pimples and acne throughout his or her adolescent years.


Frenchies are one of the most lovable canines to have ever walked the face of the world. Their easygoing attitude and trademark bat ears have made them one of the most popular breeds in the United States. 

Throughout their lives, French Bulldogs can acquire a variety of skin problems and allergies. To reduce the probability of this happening, try to give your Frenchie high-quality food from the start and keep their skin clean and dry at all times.

Keep an eye out for skin bumps and inspect them as soon as possible to determine whether or not your French Bulldog is suffering from a medical condition. It is critical to understand what skin bumps may indicate and when a veterinarian should attend to your Frenchie's skin bumps for treatment. 


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