Can Dog Eat Corn Tortillas?

This was the very first thing that came to my mind when I was enjoying my taco Tuesday. They are soft and chewy with slithering sauce, enough to seduce any empty stomach but are tortillas safe for my dog? You cannot neglect those innocent eyes when they are looking at you. You have to act accordingly as they believe you will share the scintillating food with your furry friend. 

I have read before from some authentic sources that some spices are not suitable for dogs. Some foods can disturb their digestive system and make them seriously ill. But I didn’t know about the tortillas back then, whether they are safe from my dog or not

If you are also looking for an in-depth answer to this question, let’s start our joy ride for everything you need to know about can dog eat corn tortillas?

Can a dog eat tortillas?

Can a dog eat tortillas?

If you are offering a moderate amount of tortilla to your furry buddy, it is not harmful. But you must ensure that your canine buddy doesn’t have any allergy to corn or gluten. You cannot also give excessive salt and pepper to your pet because it will disturb their digestive system. 

It is the short answer to the main question, as this phenomenon. You need to explore and understand everything involved with the tortilla and your dog. Moderation is the key to safety, and never feed your dog with an excess amount of tortilla. 

Can Puppies Eat Tortillas?

If you have a puppy at home, always beware of doing some experiments regarding food. These cute little creatures have sensitive stomachs than adult dogs. And any experiment must cost a lot in terms of physical health. Giving them corn tortillas might not end up well. That’s why avoiding the tortilla for puppies will be a better option. 

You must keep human food away from puppies and consistently follow a strict diet. It always helps puppies when you follow the strict routine provided by the vets and experts. 

Are Tortillas Bad For Dogs?

Are Tortillas Bad For Dogs?

The most delicious Mexican food has seen a significant rise in demand and consumption for humans. But the senior dogs and your furry buddies with health conditions might not be able to handle the high carbs diet like a tortilla. And when you are eating something, sharing the food with your canine buddy will make you guilty.  

If your furry buddy is a bit overweight and suffering from obesity, offering them tortillas will increase the risk of heart disease. Gluten intolerant dogs and those who have allergies to corn or floor should never be given this treatment. 

Are Tortillas Good For Dogs?

Tortillas are not that much nutritious for your furry buddy. These are not the healthy and essential treats that will provide necessary nutrients and minerals to your pet. Instead, these are the taste bombs that help you enjoy the feast for your taste buds. And for your dogs, these high-carb bites are not good in a substantial amount regularly.

What to do when my dog eats tortillas?

Eating a tortilla or two might not create a situation if your dog has no allergy and living a healthy life. But eating more tortillas will create some stinky situation, and you might have to take out your buddy for relieving gas outside. 

If your dog has eaten more tortillas, keep a watch on the symptoms, and if you find lethargy or stomach issue, go to the vet at once. You must look for the signs of abnormal behavior and routine in your dog after eating tortillas. Don’t take it easy because the feast's spices and corn might make things worse for your canine buddy. 

Can Tortillas be a part of healthy dog food?

Can Tortillas be a part of healthy dog food?

Whether made of processed corn or some other material, tortillas cannot be given to pets daily. The high-carb, less nutritious food for a dog cannot substitute a nutritious, healthy diet. If you want to give corn tortillas to your dogs, beware that they are not healthy and full of nutrients for your dogs. 

Giving corn tortillas on an occasional basis might not cause any harm to a healthy dog, but offering this feast-full treat regularly will cause some unwarranted situations. It might not end up nicely for the health of your furry friend in the long run.

Is Flour Tortillas good for my dog?

Dogs can eat a lot of different food, but their stomach is not programmed to digest grains. The high carb and gluten-filled food will pose severe threats to their health regularly. If your dog is overweight and has some allergy form grain or gluten, you must avoid giving them tortillas of all costs.

Sensitive stomach and old age will not allow your canine buddy to eat the treat more than once a week. Flour tortillas can never be considered suitable for your furry friend as vets and experts forbid owners from offering them to their pets regularly. 

Are Homemade Tortillas good for my dog?

When you make tortillas at home, you are ensuring the absence of harmful chemicals and preservatives. The unprocessed food and a good recipe with less salt and spice will have less shelf life but better quality food. 

When you are making homemade tortillas, always avoid high-carb ingredients. You must avoid the items from which your dog is allergic. Non-processed food is always better for dogs. And the homemade recipe with a focus on dog nutrition will not cause any harm as the processed corn or flour tortillas. 

Are tortilla Ingredients Toxic to Dogs?

Are tortilla Ingredients Toxic to Dogs?

A processed tortilla has several different ingredients that are toxic and harmful to your pet. The most famous ones are:

1. Corn kernels

Corns are filled with nutrition and minerals that are good for your dogs. But at the same time, if your dog is allergic to corn, you cannot feed them tortillas or any other products made from corn. 

2. Cornflour

It is gluten-free but doesn’t provide much nutritional value to your dog. If you want to go for homemade treats adding some cornflour will not cause much trouble. But the processed cornflour with additives and preservatives is not a good thing for your furry friend. 

3. Nixtamalization

The process of cooking corn in an alkaline solution is called nixtamalization. The food-grade natural process is good for the product and your dog. But the industrial-grade calcium hydroxide process can cause severe injury and, in some cases, could lead to the death of your dog. 

4. Amylases and xylanases

Both of them are added to the food for increasing shelf life and offer a fresh texture. This is a hazardous sign if these two are found in excess in your furry friend`s urine. The presence of these chemicals in urine could mean pancreas disorder or other severe health conditions. 


Tortilla is the most loved dish by humans and their best furry buddy. But not every dog can digest tortillas as humans do. If you have a senior dog or your pet has some allergies to gluten and corn, always avoid giving corn tortillas to them. If your dog has eaten corn tortilla and shows some lethargic behavior with stomach issues, rush to the vet at once.


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