Are Dobermans Good with Kids?

Doberman Dog breed is said to be a powerful and energetic dog with a lot of need for exercise. This breed is said to be a people-oriented breed having a kind and sweet attitude towards people but it all depends on the effort you put in their socialization and training. 

However, if you are thinking to get Doberman as your pet while having kids with you, then you must know that this breed usually does not get along with small children. If they are socialized in a proper way, then it can do well with kids of almost all ages.

This article is going to discuss the attitude of Dobermans with kids in a somewhat detailed approach.

Are Dobermans Good with Kids?

Dobermans with Infants

An adult Doberman can be said to be trustworthy around the babies when he is having an improved socializing skill and is with the baby since he/she was born. There are a number of traits in Dobermans with respect to their behavior that makes them an excellent choice with very young kids. These traits are extreme intelligence, desire to please their owner, loyalty to their family, and protective instincts.

When around the infants (babies up to 1-year-old), you may notice a behavioral change in a Doberman. Some of the prominent change in a Doberman’s behavior are listed as below:

  • Laying next to the baby.
  • Rise of curiosity when the baby is crying or is upset.
  • Slowly or cautiously walking around the child.
  • Having an updated knowledge of the baby’s whereabouts.
  • Calming actions towards baby when the baby is upset like licking his/her face or hands, or nuzzling, etc.
  • Building a protective boundary by laying between the entrance room and the child.

These changes develop when they understand that the baby is also part of the family and is there to stay long. Dobermans are also famous for developing their bond to one specific family member who they perceive to be the weakest and vulnerable of all and that is obviously the baby of the house. 

It is a very common action of the adult Dobermans to lick the baby of the family just for the sake of comforting him/her. It really does calm a frustrated child in an efficient manner.

It is advisable to never keep a Doberman in a tight space with an infant without any exit for the dogs to leave if he feels the necessity. You should also keep in mind to never leave any dog with an infant without any supervision. It is very rare to observe leaving of Doberman to a quieter portion of the house in case of crying of the infant.

Dobermans and Toddlers

A toddler can prove to be as challenging for a Doberman as that toddler proves to be for his/her parents. A toddler is referred to as a baby of age from 1 to 4 years. A toddler does have the tendency to unnecessarily follow the dog that tries to get their space. A toddler can annoy the dogs by just tugging their ears, push or poke them. That is why it is necessary to strictly supervise the toddlers around the Doberman.

However, the way Doberman shows patience in handling the toddlers is really surprising. This behavior in a Doberman can be seen if he is well socialized and has grown up with that child from a very young age. The following behaviors can be noticed in your Doberman around your toddler:

  • Displaying extreme patience in response to annoying actions toward the dog.
  • Increase in playful interaction with the child.
  • Decrease in focus on the child and increase in focus on the child’s surroundings. 
  • Frequent walk away from your child.
  • A tendency to sleep in the same room as the child and always facing the door due to protective instincts.
  • An increased noticeable bond with the toddler.

There is a likelihood that your Doberman is going to become your kid’s best friend at his/her toddler age. You may notice an increase in their interaction along with repeated engagement in their own made-up games.

Even though they become friends with each other, it is likely that your Doberman may get annoyed with your child more often at this age, so there should be arrangements for your Doberman for moving away whenever he deems it necessary.

Friendly, loving Doberman

Dobermans with Older Kids

As the age of your kid increases above 4 years, you can start to involve your child to work with your Doberman. Your kid can help you out in training your Doberman. This can prove to be a great experience for your kid as well your as dog. In this way, your kid will become more confident around your Doberman, and also your dog will tend to develop a close relationship with your child.

At this stage of your kid’s age, owning a Doberman as your pet is one of the most satisfying and relaxing experiences. Your children’s bond will increase exponentially with the dog. At this stage, you may notice some of the behaviors as discussed below:

  • A stronger and deep mutual friendship.
  • An increase in the frequency of cuddling of the children from your dog.
  • A well-balanced give and take relationship and interactions.
  • In case of being fed and trained by your kid, your Doberman will see your kid as a leader in the family and hence develop more affection.
  • Establishment of a well-synchronized routine between your kid and your Doberman.

Dobermans do have extremely high energy levels and therefore they need a lot of exercise. This can be tough for owners to fulfill that much demand. So, children as mention above do have a high energy level at this age. 

So, both of them can prove to be the best fit for each other to normalize their energy level. Due to interaction, your kids can get worn out, and your dog can get the proper exercise as per their needs by playing together safely.

At this age of your kid, due to the development of a strong bond between your Doberman and your kid, they really feel comfortable. They develop a sense of trust and do not do things that are not liked by the other party. That means that they will often lay down and eventually sleep with each other and cuddle more frequently.

Dobermans Cuddling with Children

Dobermans really love to cuddle whether it is from you or your children. Dobermans are people dogs that love to get a lot of attention, and also love to get appreciated. As your kid grows up from the toddler’s age, he is less likely to disturb the Doberman by poking his eyes, by pulling his ear, etc. 

Due to this, your Doberman will get more involved with your child and will be relaxed around him/her. And you will notice your Doberman running to your children just for the sake of the attention they desire for.

However, you must be cautious that he does not climb your kid’s lap while he/she is watching TV. As the weight of grown-up Doberman is not bearable by your kid.

General Temperament of your Doberman with Kids

General Temperament of your Doberman with Kids

There is a direct influence of some temperamental traits that are common in Doberman Pinscher, which dictates their behavior around children. Some of their common traits related to their behavior with children are as follow:

1. Trainability

Dobermans are one of the most trainable dogs in the world. Due to this, a slight correction in their inappropriate behavior around a child will be understood and remembered by them in the future. This makes them quite considerate dogs.

2. Extreme Intelligence

As a breed being ranked among the top five smartest dog breeds in the world, they are very intelligent and are self-award of their actions. They are quite flexible in adapting to their actions and have sensible knowledge of their way of interaction with people of different ages. Therefore, you may notice a behavior difference in them around a kid and children of older ages. This marks that they completely understand their way of interaction with young and fragile members of the family.

3. Desire to please

Dobermans have an excessive desire to please their owners. Due to this, they want to be clear of what is expected from them and they will try to meet your expectations quite consistently.

4. Protective Instincts

The nature of Dobermans is protective and they will show this behavior to any member of their family. However, they develop the bond for a single member of the family and it is usually the child of the home. Due to this bond, they prove to be a wonderful protector for your kids.

Another instinct is that it shows an increased focus on a specific person in crowds that is different by smell and look, and also sticking nearby your kids in new surroundings.

Doberman Puppies with Children

Puppies can be hyper with sharp claws and very sharp teeth. Children can also scream and attack the dog in ways one doesn’t expect. This improper interaction can lead to behavioral problems in your dog. Therefore, it is recommended to never get a Doberman puppy in case you have young children.


It can be concluded that teaching children, as well as training your Doberman, is equally important. It would take a lot of work from your side but is totally worth it. Once the bond has been developed between your dog as well as the child, then it will be a very strong bond. But, for that purpose, proper supervision is a must so that each one of them is within the limits and non-aggressive. 



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