At What Age Can Dachshunds Get Pregnant?

If you are thinking to get a Dachshund as your pet or you are already having a pet, then it is better to know about the age of Dachshunds at which they can get pregnant. This article is targeted to let you know about the age of them getting pregnant along with other important points to be taken into consideration. 

Age of Dachshunds to get pregnant

Age of Dachshunds to get pregnant

Technically speaking, Dachshunds can get pregnant with the initiation of their first heat cycle. The first heat cycle can be experienced by Dachshunds at the age of 6 to 12 months. However, this age should not be deemed to be perfect for them to get pregnant. It should be taken into consideration to not let your Dachshund get pregnant before 12 months of their age. 

Being hasty in getting your Dachshund pregnant before she is even mature, both physically and mentally can lend her to trouble. This can lead to serious health problems in her. It is better to consult your breeder before jumping into this process all by yourself.

Pregnancy Duration of Dachshunds

The pregnancy time frame for Dachshunds is between 63 – 66 days typically. However, they can give birth to young puppies between their gestation periods of 53 days to 71 days. So, it is better to give extra attention to your dog when she is stepping into the 7th week of her pregnancy. 

However, if you are experiencing some kind of delay in her delivery after 65 days of her labour, then it is better to call your vet and get her checked. 

When Do Dachshunds start showing changes in their body?

As the 4th week of the pregnancy approaches, a Dachshund will start showing. The size of her belly will grow based on the amount of the little. However, some other symptoms will be more noticeable before 4th week of her pregnancy. In the final week, her belly will start to swell rapidly.

Signs whether a Dachshund is pregnant or not?

Signs whether a Dachshund is pregnant or not?

If you want to make sure that your Dachshund is pregnant, then she must start showing the following symptoms within a few days of her pregnancy.

Within a few weeks, you might notice enlarge nipples, clinginess, loss of appetite, and lethargy in her.

1. Enlarged Nipples

In the preparation of preparing milk for her pups, the nipples of your pregnant Dachshund will start to swell. This usually happens within two weeks into her pregnancy.

2. Clinginess

You might notice clinginess in your Dachshund. She may feel worried as well as confused about her pregnancy and body changes. During this time, she is expecting comfort as well as support from your side.

3. Loss of appetite

Your Dachshund may feel no need for food and the intake of her food will decrease drastically. It’s just like a woman experiencing morning sickness. 

4. Lethargy

You may notice unusual dozing in your Dachshund. During the pregnancy, she will not show any interest in a walk or in playing. Due to hormone changes in the early stages of pregnancy, she may seem to be tired.

As your Dachshund enters the first month of her pregnancy, you might notice an increase in her appetite, vaginal discharge as well as swollen belly.

5. Increased Appetite

With the passage of time, there will be a significant increase in your Dachshund’s appetite. It is said that she will eat more than 50% of her normal day’s routine. However, at this stage, she will need some high protein food, which can be asked from your vet.

6. Vaginal Discharge

When your Dachshund will enter into a month of her pregnancy, a clear discharge coming from her vagina can be noticed. 

7. Swollen Belly

As the pregnancy progresses, you might notice an increase in your Dachshund’s weight. Her belly will swell significantly. This is due to the growth of puppies inside her. However, the size of the belly depends on the amount of litter she is carrying with herself. However, the increase in the size of the belly can be observed till the last week of the pregnancy.

To know if your Dachshund is in labour or not?

There are some symptoms to notice to make sure if your Dachshund is in labour or not. When your Dachshund is about to enter her labour, she’ll not consume food about a day before labour. Then, a few hours before going into labour, you may notice a sudden temperature drop in her.

You may also notice that she is moving to a place that she finds comfortable as well as safe. This might be the spot which she has made for her incoming puppies. 

When you notice the up-mentioned things, it is better to make her feel safe as well as relaxed. You should also make sure that she has enough supply of food as well as water within her reach.

When Dachshund is experiencing contractions, she will start licking at her vulva and you may notice tightening of her stomach.

Breaking of her waters will occur when she bites the grey sac containing the puppies. The sac should appear by that time.

With each incoming puppy, she will continue to experience contractions. During this process, to cope with the discomfort, she will moan as well as squirm. 

How many puppies can a Dachshund have?

Do Dachshunds Have Problems while giving birth?

Yes, some Dachshunds experience problems as well complications while giving birth. To cope with the complications, there might arise a need for the performance of a C-section.

It is better to be in constant touch with your vet while the labour process. However, if you notice the following symptoms in your Dachshund, then it is better to call your vet for timely treatment.

  • Trembling
  • Excessive Bleeding
  • More than 2 hours of gap between each puppy
  • Bleeding before any incoming puppy
  • Extreme pain
  • Contractions of more than 45 minutes with no puppy

Being in constant touch with your vet is a necessary step to keep the puppies as well mother safe.

How many puppies can a Dachshund have?

Ethically and responsibly, a female Dachshund should not be allowed to have more than 4 litters in her lifetime. It should also be made sure to not let her have more than one litter in a year. However, the exceptions are there. 

If your Dachshund has gone through a C-section previously, then it is better to take your vet’s recommendation whether she can be pregnant again or not. However, it is advisable to not take any chances with your Dachshund as you might lose her in doing so.

Number of Puppies do Dachshunds have?

A female Dachshund can give birth to up to 6 or 8 puppies in a single litter. 

Are Dachshund puppies easy on their way out?

No, Dachshund puppies are not easy while given birth. They can prove to be stubborn. However, this problem is not faced on a regular basis, but you should be prepared for this. Therefore, it is better to leave the whole breeding process to the professionals who do know the best solution to any problem.

However, if things go wrong, then the whole experience can prove to be an expensive price of your negligence.

Can Dachshunds Die while giving birth?

Yes, Dachshunds can die while giving birth. So, it must be taken into account that any negligence can cost you the loss of your precious girl.

How to stop your Dachshund to get pregnant again?

How to stop your Dachshund to get pregnant again?

It is a difficult task to get your Dachshund spayed. According to research, it has been noticed that spaying too young can increase a Dachshund’s risk of Intervertebral Disc Disease. IVDD is a painful back disease that affects about 25% of the Dachshunds who are spayed.

However, if you don’t want to go for the spaying option, and you want to have an alternative for stopping her from getting pregnant then you should be having an idea of her heat. When you that she is in her season, then you should be vigilant in not letting her get in contact with males.

While going out for a walk, keep her on a leash so that she can stay away from the male dogs running around in the park. It can all happen within no time, so it is better to keep a close watch on the activity of your Dachshund until her season is over.

Special Considerations

It is advisable to make sure that your Dachshund has gotten her vaccinations such as canine distemper, rabies, hepatitis, and parvo shots before getting pregnant. These vaccines should not be given at any stage of the pregnancy.

Moreover, a raw diet is not recommended for both pregnant as well as lactating dogs. Therefore, this diet should be avoided at any cost. In fact, you would need some high-quality dog food for your Dachshund. There are essential vitamins as well as nutrients in that high-quality food. 

Pregnancy should be planned with the consideration of each complication and health problems. A few weeks of pregnancy need keen supervision, therefore, make sure to have somebody at home to take care of your Dachshund if you are out for work.


The conclusion is that pregnancy can prove to be a difficult task for you as well as for your Dachshund to take care of. Therefore, it is better to consider health conditions as well as the risks associated with the whole process. The necessary recommendations should be taken from your vet with all the diet plans and other things to take care of. This will ensure a smooth process for both, the owner as well as the pet.


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