Are the Great Pyrenees Good with Kids?

Good and responsible parents constantly worry about their kids. A parent who is already a dog owner or about to become one will naturally only think about which dog breed will be the perfect fit for their home and children. 

One of the dogs that might appear at the top of your list might be the Great Pyrenees that is mainly known for its large size but incredibly loyal, friendly, and gentle nature. But, are the Great Pyrenees good with kids? Well, you’re about to find out. 

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn if the Great Pyrenees serve as good house pets and are safe to leave around your kids with. Or, if you own a Pyrenees, you can also use this guide as a way to empower yourself on the best way to bring your children and Pyrenees together.

Are the Great Pyrenees Good with Kids?

What is The Great Pyrenees Like?

The Great Pyrenees is a beautiful dog breed that’s bred initially as a working and guard dog to protect the shepherds and livestock, as explained by the Great Pyrenees Club of America. They can be categorized as one of the more giant dog breeds, ranging from 36-54kg in weight and 25-32 inches in height, with males being even larger in size. 

The Great Pyrenees might appear like a canine giant to many. Still, in reality, it is a dog breed that has a long-standing image for being the friendliest and gentlest of giants. Since these dogs are enormous, it is only understood why most parents question their safety with and around kids. The Great Pyrenees are actually quite good around well-mannered kids. 

However, they usually get along much better with older children. They are one of the most loyal and loving dogs by nature, so you can train them to behave nicely around your kids. Likewise, you need to teach your kids to behave nicely around the Great Pyrenees to guarantee optimum safety. 

Temperament and Personality

As per the American Kennel Club, thorough and well-bred Great Pyrenees dogs that genuinely represent their breed should be found to have the following temperament and personality traits: 

  1. Zen-like calm
  2. Regal
  3. Mellow
  4. Gentle
  5. Smart
  6. Patient
  7. Vigilant and unwavering guardian

It is vital to understand that choosing the Great Pyrenees as your pet and companion is an entire experience that is almost the same as bringing and raising a kid into your family and home. This is why it is essential to ponder if you have the energy and time to socialize and train your Pyrenees to be a blessing for your kids and family.

Is The Great Pyrenees Kid-Friendly?

Is The Great Pyrenees Kid-Friendly?

The Pyrenees will always remain loyal to their family and always want to stay close to their side. Naturally, this also includes your kids. Even though the Pyrenees is a more serious breed and is quite unlikely to play with children all the time, there is no doubt about the lengths they’ll go to protect your children. 

This gentle and patient dog serves as the ideal family pet. The Pyrenees naturally safeguards all family members. This extends to all adults, kids, and even other pets in the home, like your cat. Thus, it becomes essential for you to make your children and Pyrenees socialize with one another to allow them to distinguish between playfulness and potential and genuine danger. 

The Great Pyrenees is not dangerous or aggressive. Instead, they are incredibly gentle, calm, affectionate, well-mannered, and genuinely laid-back. They are entirely trustworthy, and it is in their instincts to defend their family and kids if they perceive even a slight hint of threat. 

Is The Great Pyrenees Dangerous For Kids?

The Pyrenees can technically harm your child if you don’t socialize or train it properly and when you don’t teach your kids how to act around it. Although they can be wonderful for children to play with, you must also consider the dog’s size. 

The Pyrenees can often get over-excited and unintentionally knock down kids. The Pyrenees is prone to cause accidents, trauma, or injury merely by sitting down or by putting their giant paws in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Even if they didn’t mean any harm or danger, accidents are bound to happen, and they can hurt your child. Just be sure that you feel comfortable bringing in a heavy and large-sized dog to your home and exposing it to your children, especially if they are of a younger age.

When there is any harm caused, it will mostly be unintentional or a result of some other thing. These dogs will never actively seek to harm or be aggressive towards a child. 

Sometimes, a Pyrenees can cause destruction out of mere boredom and accidentally hurt or knock over your kid. But generally, they will prove to be a loving and calm breed that instantly cohabitates with all family members, including other 4-legged furry creatures, if you have any. 

Lastly, the Great Pyrenees are born and raised as guardians, which naturally makes them prone to barking. Since it is a livestock dog, a Pyrenees’s utmost duty is to be alert and watch over perilous predators who can cause harm to herds and flocks of livestock. 

You can also limit this behavior with some training, although it is impossible to entirely eliminate it. Parents with babies or young kids who sleep early might generally struggle when they begin to bark at night.

Teach Your Kids How to Behave Around the Great Pyrenees

Kids love dogs, and they’re instinctively driven towards them. You must teach your kids to maintain some distance, especially if you have the Great Pyrenees as your house pet. Make sure your child is adequately instructed on how to behave with your Pyrenees. 

This can often be time-consuming, but until your dog is reliable, you shouldn’t leave your kids unattended. Once your child learns how to act around your Pyrenees and vice-versa, you can rest assured the two will have the most beautiful and heart-warming relationship. Here are some things you need to teach your kids:

  1. Teach your child that the Great Pyrenees is not as playful as the other breeds and that they cannot be loud or hyper around it. So, kids shouldn’t rush up to the Great Pyrenees or be around one without adult supervision. 
  2. Teach them not to irritate your dog when their attention is concentrated on food or a toy, nor bother it when it’s sleeping.
  3. Children must try to understand the dog’s body language. If it is growling, it means it’s not happy. 
  4. Teach your children how to respect your dog. The Pyrenees is just as capable of feeling emotions and physical pain as all living beings. Thus, your child shouldn’t bully or harass your dog. They should treat the Great Pyrenees with care, love, and respect. 
  5. Just like you have to keep a watch on your Pyrenees, you must also watch out for your toddlers and young ones to ensure they don’t pull on the dog’s tail, ride it, hit at it, or throw things. Even the most patient Pyrenees have limits. They can get hurt and will definitely lash out when mistreated. 
  6. Until your kids have learned how to properly behave with the dog, don’t let them play. This is best for the safety of both. 
  7. Sometimes, little kids are unaware that they can be causing pain or being cruel to the poor animal. Talk to your kids about the right and wrong behavior, so they are careful of not causing your dog pain or fear that can make it aggressive. 
Train Your Great Pyrenees for Your Children

Train Your Great Pyrenees for Your Children

Even though the Pyrenees can get along quite nicely with children on their own, there are some things you should do to allow their relationship to blossom even more. Both socialization and training are crucial for this breed. It sets the base or tone of their behavior and prevents behavioral problems. 

Just remember to be as calm and patient as you can be while training your Pyrenees. Besides teaching the dog, you need to prepare yourself also on how to control it. Show your Pyrenees that you are in charge, and you call the shots. 

Teach it the difference between unacceptable and acceptable behavior to ensure safety for your kids. Encourage your dog and kids to interact with one another whenever they get a chance. This acclimatizes your Pyrenees to your child’s mannerisms and habits and establishes what’s normal for your household.

Essential Things to Consider When Having Kids and Owning the Great Pyrenees

The most important thing to consider before getting the Great Pyrenees for your family and kids is that you must never leave them alone and unattended together. This doesn’t indicate that this breed will attack your child. 

It’s just that if your kid is young and petite, they are more at risk of getting hurt inadvertently by the giant dog that weighs no less than 30-50kg. It’s in a child’s instinct to play and run around. However, the Great Pyrenees doesn’t feel the same way. 

Therefore, you must make sure to teach your kids not to run around the Pyrenees, egg it on, or get them to play. Being guard dogs, they take their duties quite seriously. Even when they will be around kids, they will be on alert mode and guard them to ensure nobody causes any danger to them. 

If they sense any threat or danger in the vicinity, they will immediately bark. This can also scare your younger kids. But then again, even though they are not generally very playful, there is a reason why the Great Pyrenees are better known as Gentle Giants. 

A well-trained and socialized Pyrenees is gentle, tolerant, and patient. Pawtopia’s owner and expert trainer, Colleen Demling, states that the Great Pyrenees is a guardian dog that aims to protect a herd or flock, making them natural and great with kids of all ages. 

Before getting a Pyrenees pup for your home, it is always a good idea to meet the Mom and Dad and observe their temperament. If they have a chill and relaxed temperament, chances are the puppy will have the same traits. 

You can even observe how the parents get along with your kids to have an idea. In case you plan on getting an older Pyrenees, you must initially give it some time and examine how they behave around your kids before finally bringing it home.

So, even though the Great Pyrenees will be love at first sight and will like the dog, it’s often a thought-provoking and tough decision to bring one into a home with kids. 


Most kids wish to experience the process of caring for their pets. Unluckily, it often entirely becomes the parents’ responsibility to take care of the dog. 

No matter what the case is, once you bring in a pet, you need to fully care for it and do everything to make sure they’re well looked after. When it comes to keeping a Great Pyrenees, you will have to cope with many challenges associated with socialization and obedience training. 

In return, you'll be rewarded with a dog that can literally fall to your knees and die for you if that’s what it comes down to. Hence, the Great Pyrenees can be the best dog for your family and kids.


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