Can Golden Retrievers Be Left Alone? - Steps To Train

If you are a bit confused related to the situation if golden retrievers can be left alone or not, then the answer is that yes, you can leave your Golden Retriever alone. However, for a few hours, your Golden Retriever can manage to live alone, but it can be done with prior training and other necessary things.

Some of the best things to do while leaving your Golden Retriever is to have enough supply of food as well as water for him. Another thing that you should take care of is his pee or potty needs. To tackle these types of accidents, there are pads available in the market.

Can Golden Retrievers Be Left Alone

How Long Golden Retrievers can be left alone?

Age is a very important factor that should be considered for estimating the alone time of Golden Retrievers. If your dog is well-trained and well-socialized, then leaving him alone for a few hours won’t be an issue. 

However, based on the age of your Golden Retriever, there is a breakdown of the duration for which he can be left down.

Age of 8 to 10 weeks

Golden Retrievers of the age between 8 to 10 weeks have very sensitive bladder and it is difficult for them to hold it. Therefore, they can’t be left for more than 1 hour at this age.

Age of 2 to 3 months

If the age of your puppy lies in between 2 to 3 months, then he can be left for about 2 hours each day. But, considering them young, this duration should not be more than 4 hours. 

4 months and above

As the age of Golden Retrievers, the control over their bladder increases as well. For Golden Retrievers older than 4 months, the duration for leaving them alone is more than 4 hours each day. However, the upper limit, in this case, is 6 hours. Considering for leaving them for more than 6 hours won’t be a viable option at this age.

18 months and above

If the age of your Golden Retriever is 18 Months or more, then you may leave him alone at home for about 6 to 8 hours a day. It is because Golden Retriever of 1.5 years or above is considered as adults.

However, in this case, if you leave them for more than 8 hours, then this action can lead to his behavior change as well. This behavior change may occur due to separation anxiety.

Maximum hours for leaving Golden Retriever alone

The maximum limit of leaving your Golden Retriever alone is definitely 8 hours. Most of us work for almost 8 hours a day. But the commuting time should be considered as well. Due to this fact, this time can be 9 to 10 hours a day for leaving your Golden Retriever and that’s not fine at all.

Therefore, it should be kept in mind that what will go wrong if you leave your Golden Retriever at home for too long.

leaving a Golden Retriever alone

What could possibly go wrong with leaving a Golden Retriever alone?

There are some potential dangers for leaving your Golden Retriever alone at home, which should be kept in mind. So, if you are leaving your Golden alone for more than 8 hours a day, then the following things should be expected after coming back from the work.

  • Damage clothing and shoes
  • Potty and Pee all over the house
  • Distorted furniture

However, these types of disasters are well known by you, but there are some other potential problems as well that you may have overlooked in this case.

For instance, your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety which is going to cause some behavior destruction as well.

In your absence, your dog may eat something which may cause some health-related problems. Swallowing unwanted things may cause some serious problems. Therefore it is best to keep such types of things away from the reach of your Golden Retriever.

Steps to train your Golden Retriever to be left alone

Leaving your dog alone at once at home could be dangerous. Therefore, it is better to gradually train him for the purpose of leaving him alone at home. There are a few steps to accomplish the up-mentioned heading.

1. Increasing Distance as well as Time

Each time, while leaving your Golden Retriever alone, it is better to increase the distance you leave them and time as well. If your dog stays at peace and quiet, try to reward him with affection as well as treat.

However, if you notice some whining or barking along with the movement from that spot, then you should attend to your dog and decrease the distance as well as alone time. This process is a bit time taking process but is worth it.

Golden retriever go bed

2. Encourage them to go to bed quietly

For this step, you should encourage your Golden Retriever to go to bed. While doing so, you should stay in the room for a while, until your dog is staying quiet in the bed. In doing so, reward him for this attitude.

Better verbal communication is also needed in doing so. You should ask him to stay in the room when you go out of the room. If he complies with your instructions, it is better to reward him with his favorite treat.

3. Start shutting the door while leaving

While leaving your Golden Retriever alone, don’t forget to shut the door behind you and increase the time of this activity as well. This will let your Golden understand that you will be leaving them for longer periods. This training can be helpful in achieving your goals.

Tips to Leaving your Golden Retriever at Home

A few tips are going to be discussed which may help you in leaving your Golden Retriever alone at home.

1. Starting the training at an early age

As your Golden Retriever reaches at an age of about 7 to 8 weeks, you should start the training. You should train them to be left alone along with the instructions of “sit” and “stay”.

2. Enabling them to socialize

Socialization should start as early as possible as this will help in shaping the personality of your Golden Retriever. Socialization will help him in exploring the world as well as the people. This will let them behave properly as well.

3. Tiring your Golden Retriever before leaving him

You should try to take your Golden Retriever for long walks in the morning rather than in the evening. This way your Golden will be tired out before you leave for work. Due to this activity, your Golden Retriever will spend a couple of hours sleeping as well as resting and will not be bored easily.

Golden Retriever Interactive Toy

4. Getting Interactive Toys

To keep your dog busy in an activity while you are away, it is better to get him some interactive toys. The selection of toys depends on the taste of your dog. Some dogs love to chew toys while others like to have toyed with puzzles. Therefore, this step can buy you some time while you are away for work.

5. Get another dog or cat

To give your Golden Retriever a company in your absence, you should start considering getting another dog or cat. Golden Retrievers actually do great with a second dog or cat and get along with them easily. 

The second cat or dog will keep your Golden Retriever busy playing and having a fun time. However, getting a second dog is more preferable to getting a cat. Cats love to spend most of their time alone and don’t get bored easily. However, two dogs living with each other are more fun.

6. Giving your dog an outdoor excess

If your dog is mature, spayed or neutered, and well-trained, then it’s a very good idea to give him access to your fenced backyard. This will entertain him in running around or chasing some insects. A doggy door is the best-suited thing for giving your dog access to the outdoors. 

However, if your dog is an escape artist, then giving them access to the outdoors is not a good idea.

dog walker golden retriever

7. Taking the service of Dog Walkers

If you are a bit concerned related to your Golden Retriever, then it is a good idea to hire a dog walker. This way, you will be relaxed. It is better to hire someone trust-worthy and with as many reviews as possible.

8. Get Home for Lunch during breaks

This option is viable if you work close to your home. You can come back home during Lunchtime and attend to your dog as well. Spending a few minutes playing, interacting, and praising your dog will make him feel better and positive.

Should Golden Retriever be left in a Crate?

No, leaving your Golden Retriever in a crate for 7 to 8 hours is not a good idea. This will badly impact his behavior and a sense of anxiety. Crates should be only used when going on a flight for their safety. However, prior crate training is a must thing to do. However, leaving your dog in a crate all day long should never be your first choice.

Final Thought

So, it is clear that Golden Retrievers can be left alone, but it needs prior training. The up-mentioned things should be kept in mind before leaving them alone.

Have you been leaving your dog alone? Share your experience with me.


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