How Often to Bathe a Dog? Tips and Factors to take note!

Knowing about the frequency of bathing your dog is a difficult task to follow. Humans take bath almost every day, but dogs take from 1 week up to 5 weeks for a bath, depending on their breed, fur style, lifestyle, etc. This article will be based upon the information related to different steps, tips for a proper bath of your dog.

Factors to consider for bathing your Dog

Factors to consider for bathing your Dog

Bathing the dogs does not only impact their hygiene but it is also the best way to check for any unnoticed scratches, bumps, fleas, and any other abnormality. These things become more prominent when the hair is wet and almost flat against the dog’s body.

Factors that determine the dog’s bath routine include coat type and its length, activity schedule, skin allergies/problems, etc.

Dog coat type and skin

Coat Type and Skin

It is a general concept that dogs with long and curly hair require more frequent bathing and grooming than those with small-length hair or less dense coat. According to the recommendation of the American Kennel Club, such types of dogs should be bathed at least once every four to six weeks, with regular brushing so as to maintain the coat.

On the other hand, dogs with short hair or less dense coat can get away with infrequent bathing as long as they are quite healthy. If a dog has no hair, then it needs to be bathed weekly.

In case your dog has oily skin, then he will need more frequent baths so as to prevent any oil buildup on his skin.

Dog LifeStyle

Dog Lifestyle

The frequency of your dog’s bathing depends on his lifestyle. Regardless of the breed, dogs who are frequent visitors of the ocean, or love to play in muddy waters or hunt, or are used for the purpose of herding sheep all day, may end up needing more frequent bathing than those dogs who spend most of their time indoors.

However, the thumb rule for bathing your dog can be the time when your dog is no more huggable. 

Health of Dog

Your veterinarian or your groomer may suggest some medicated shampoo to be used while bathing your dog if your dog suffers from certain health conditions. So, a dog’s health also defines the frequency of bathing and using suitable shampoo so as to reduce any skin allergy or itching in your dog.

Tips and Ways to Bath your Dog

Tips and Ways to Bath your Dog

  • Using Glove Brush your dog before giving him a bath. Water gets stuck in matted hair, which leaves the dog with irritated skin. If brushing or cutting the mats is difficult for you, then try to take your dog to a professional groomer.
  • Use lukewarm water as the dog’s skin is different from human skin. Hot water may lead to the burning of dogs more easily. The Thumb rule for the suitable temperature of the water is that it should be that much hot which can be used for a human baby. If the breed of dog is such that it gets overheated easily, then try to keep the water even cooler.
  • Keep the necessary supplies at your arm's distance. Being prepared for the bath will help you keep your little angry friend contained during bath time.
  • Talk to your pet in a calm voice. A soft talk with your dog will let him learn that you are not torturing him.
  • Use Dog Shampoo. The proper technique of lathering and massaging should be adopted so that the shampoo doesn’t get into his eyes. If your dog is suffering from some skin allergies, always go for the recommended medicated shampoo.
  • Rinse well. Try to rinse well after your dog is dry. If any soap is left in your dog’s fur then it can lead to irritation in his skin.
  • Proper Drying. Always use a blow-dryer specifically designed that can blow out a “Normal” temperature air. Because normally what we use the blow-dryer can be too hot for your dog’s skin. 
  • Reward your dog with a treat. Try to reward your dog once the bath time is over. This will lead your dog to be relaxed when being bathed, and hence making it quite easy for you to complete the task.
  • Block the drain. Putting a piece of steel wool in the drain to gather dog hair and prevent them from plugging the drain.
  • Protect your Dog’s ears. Always use cotton balls inside the dog’s ears before giving them a bath. Moisture in the ear can cause an ear infection.
Tip for showering indoors and outdoors

Tip for showering indoors and outdoors

Try to get a bathtub for your dog so that you don’t rainwater on yourself while giving your dog a bath. The bathtub should be well matted as the dog’s paws are not great at gripping with the porcelain. The pressure of the water from the shower should be gentle so that your dog does not get afraid of the water. 

If you are giving your dog an outdoor bath, then it could be really easy and convenient to use a backyard hose Or using waterpik pet wand pro dog shower. Just make sure that the temperature is ambient with low pressure.

Things to Take Care Of After Bathing Your Dog

Once you are done with the bathing of your dog, there are a number of things to be addressed so that your dog is relaxed. Some of them are discussed below:

  • First of all, try to dry your dog with a towel as much as possible. After this, use either a hairdryer that is dog-specific or a human hairdryer but in a mild or cool setting. You can air-dry your dog as long as he does not shiver too much.
  • After drying, once you are sure that your dog is completely dry, go for brushing and grooming your dog. 
  • If you are air-drying your dog, try to run a brush every 10 or 15 minutes so as to prevent mats or separate mats if any. 
  • There should be some mat in the bathroom so that when your dog dries himself up, the water should not be getting thrown everywhere.
  • Drying of dog should be to such an extent that your dog’s fur is dry and skin is wet.
Things to Avoid While Bathing Your Dog

Things to Avoid While Bathing Your Dog

For most humans, bathing or taking a shower is a calming and relaxing experience. But for your dog, it is something very unnecessary and not loving experience. Due to this unloving nature towards taking a bath, you may have noticed that dogs run in the other direction whenever they hear a splashing sound of water or run even in the middle of the bath. 

So, to make the bathing experience a good experience for your dog, there are a few things to remember and avoid which are discussed below

Wrong Water Temperature and Pressure

A number of pet owners commit the mistake of wrong water temperature and pressure while bathing their dog. Either the water is too cold or too hot, which is quite a bad experience for your dog.

Always go for the ambient temperature and pressure of water, so as to keep your dog calm. Of course, the ambient temperature and pressure of water can be known by doing 3 to 4 experiences with a variation. 

Rough Spray

A rough spray can upset and scare your dog. So, it is best to use a handheld spray or nozzle. For gentle spray pressure, try to check the water spray on the back of your hand. Once the spray is gentle, then you can get your dog’s coat wet.

Using the Wrong Shampoo

Using the Wrong Shampoo

Never ever try to use the human shampoos on your dog. The skin of your dog has a different pH than that of humans, so these shampoos will dry your dog’s skin. Always use the recommended shampoo from your dog’s vet. 

In case your dog has sensitive skin, test the shampoo on the leg of your dog, and see if there is any reaction or irritation. If the response is positive, then go for the other parts of the body.

Wrong technique of applying soap

The wrong technique of applying soap is also a very bad experience for your dog. Applying the soap on the fur of the dog and letting it soak for a few minutes is not going to help you in getting rid of oil or dirt. 

Try to knead the soap on your dog’s fur with the help of your fingers and hands for a time span of 5 minutes. Start this process from the legs, and then to the face. Try to keep the soap away from entering the eyes of your dog. This will cause the irritation in dog’s eyes leading him to be uncontrollable. 

Go for a Professional Groomer

If you are unable to give your dog a good bath, then don’t hesitate to go for the professional groomer. This will enhance the bathing experience for your dog and hence helping him in overcoming the fears of bathing.

Avoid Over-bathing

Try to give your dog a bath whenever the fur is dirty. Don’t over-bath your dog in whatsoever condition.

How often you bathe your dog?  Let me know and share your thought in the comment below!


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