Why does my Golden Retriever drool so much? - 11 Reasons

Being a dog owner, it is quite usual to see your dog drooling so much. The most common causes of dog drool may be due to its happiness, excitement, or the sight of food. This behavior can be called normal.

Why does my Golden Retriever drool so much?

If you are having Golden Retriever as your pet, you may have noticed that he drools just because of his love for food. Because of their larger jaws as compared to other breeds, goldens are likely to drool while drinking or exercising. 

But, if your Retriever drools much more than normal routine, then this situation can be alarming. Retrievers have a tendency to drool when they are stressed or panicked about something.

In this article, the causes of excessive drooling or hypersalivation will be discussed along with their possible treatments and consequences if not treated in time.

Reasons for Excessive Drooling / HyperSalivation

High Temperature / Too Hot Surrounding

11. High Temperature/ Hot Surrounding

It is a well-known fact that the Golden Retrievers are found in their best when the surrounding is cold. If you notice the unusual drooling in your Golden Retriever when the temperature has specifically increased in your surroundings, then it's because it is too hot for your retriever to bear.

It is a hell of a task to keep the retrievers cool. If it's hot out there, then it becomes necessary for you to take measures to control your Golden Retriever's body temperature to control excessive drooling.


To cope with this issue, your retriever should have enough drinking water to maintain his body temperature. Don't forget to groom your dog to make him lose fur free so that air gusts can be felt on his skin. You should also make sure to have an adequate shaded area for your retriever.

anxious and worrisome

10. Anxious and Worrisome

Another reason for hypersalivation of your Golden Retriever is that he is worried or anxious about some event. There could be a number of such events that can increase the level of uneasiness in your Golden Retriever.

May be the addition of a new pet to the family is the problem as Goldens are said to be obedient and they are keen on keeping their owner happy. The other event for too much drooling in your Golden Retriever can be at the time when you are leaving your home for some work.


To keep your Golden Retriever at ease, it is necessary to make him feel that he is irreplaceable. There is a chance that his favorite treat does the trick.

Dental & Gum Problems

9. Dental and Gum Problems

Dental and gum problems can also be the possible causes of Golden Retriever’s excessive drooling. There is a chance that tartar enlargement is stroking against its cheeks and hence causing the drooling. To confirm this problem, you can pull your Golden’s lip towards his ear and try to look if there are decaying teeth, unusual redness in gums, inflammation, or bleeding.

An injury in the mouth or broken teeth can be the cause of excessive drooling. You can confirm the hidden dental or gum problem by the gestures of your Golden Retriever. There might be some object stuck between your retriever’s teeth causing drooling.


If your Golden is refusing to eat, moaning or sniffling excessively, or is not in good mood, then try to consult your vet as soon as possible.

Liver problem

8. Liver Problems

The liver problem in your Golden Retriever can be another cause of excessive drooling. If your Golden is suffering from hypersalivation, then don’t be late in visiting the vet and getting your Golden Retriever examined as soon as possible. There are some symptoms of the liver problem in your Golden Retriever such as clumsy movements, change in mood, weakness, etc. 

7. Consumption of Poisonous Material

There might be a possibility that your Golden Retriever has consumed something which is poisonous. If there is sudden drooling accompanied by foaming in the mouth (in serious cases), then it confirms the consumption of poisonous material.

The common cause for this situation may be due to the consumption of an insect which is poisonous or the plant with toxic properties. Golden Retrievers are having a strong tendency to lick things very often. This tendency lets them land in unwanted situations as mentioned in this paragraph. 


If drooling with foaming is increasing, you should visit the vet as soon as possible.

craving for food

6. Craving for Food

Another common cause of drooling is due to carving for food by your Golden Retriever. If you notice that the excessive drooling starts whenever food is seen by your Golden, then it is certain that he is expecting some food to eat.


This cause of drooling is not very serious. You can control this drooling by following some steps. You should try to keep your Golden Retriever from seeing the food very often. Try to present the food when it’s time for him to eat. 

Another step is to present the food in the spots where you don’t mind having the drool of your Golden. Try to sit in another room while eating the food so as to control the excessive drooling of your Golden Retriever. 

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Golden Retriever Motion sickness

5. Motion Sickness

While traveling in your car or a bus, if you notice excessive drooling in your Golden Retriever, then it might be due to his motion sickness. Due to motion sickness, most of the Goldens are not at ease, therefore they start to drool.


To control this behavior, a professional vet will recommend you the right medication. With proper medication, this problem can be solved without any difficulty.

4. Objects Stuck Inside Mouth

Dogs just love to chew everything regardless of their worst effects. If your Golden Retriever is having something stuck in his mouth, then this can lead to the excessive drooling. Due to some wires, pieces of strings, or bones sticking in the mouth, there can be seen hypersalivation. To prevent this situation, either keep an eye on your golden retriever or let these types of things placed away from his reach.


If there is something unusual in your golden retriever’s mouth, just try to remove it. This act should stop drooling. If you can’t find anything in the mouth, try to take your golden to the veterinary doctor as soon as possible.

3. Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus Condition

The condition in which there is a blockage in your dog’s intestines or twisting of the stomach is known as Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus. Due to this problem, Golden Retrievers won’t be able to vomit the confined food, water or expel the gas in their stomach, causing excessive drooling.


Due to this problem, your golden retriever may be in a lot of pain. In this case, one should be proactive in visiting the vet to get the necessary treatment.

2. Damage To Nerves

If your Golden Retriever had been in an accident due to which there was damage to his trigeminal nerve, then this can be another reason for unusual drooling. Dogs with this type of nerve damage can’t close their mouths completely which leads to uncontrollable drooling. Nerve damage can block your dog’s potential to move its facial muscles efficiently due to which there could be a problem while having food or drinking water.

1. Rabies Causing Excessive Drooling

Rabies can also be a serious cause of hypersalivation in your golden retriever. The effective duration of rabies vaccination is only 1 year. After this duration, it is necessary to get your golden retriever vaccinated. 

Rabies vaccination is not only good for your Golden Retriever but also for your family. In case of a dog bite by your unvaccinated golden retriever, there will be an infection of rabies to the bitten one.

Controlling Excessive Drooling

There are a number of things to do so that you can prevent the excessive drooling of your Golden Retriever. Some of them are written below:

The possible step to control hypersalivation is to find out the exact reason of this problem. Always try to check your Golden Retriever’s mouth for unwanted objects. If you find any unwanted object, try to remove it immediately.

If you can’t find the possible problem, then get your retriever checked by the vet to get the proper medication.

bandana golden retriever

Due to excessive drooling, there can be an irritation on the neck of your golden retriever making him uncomfortable. You should tie a bandana around your golden retriever to absorb the drool to remove the stickiness of the fluid.

Placing a washable towel near the food bowl of the dog may help in controlling the drool. Its because dogs drools much when anticipating food.

Always try to feed your golden retriever at least three to four hours before going on a ride in your car.

You should always try to dry the mouth of your Golden Retriever after coming back from an exercise or long walks. An exercised golden retriever will drool more than usual. 

Comment below and let me know are above reasons that cause your dog to drool or other reasons which I'm not cover!


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