Are Golden Retrievers Good Hiking Dogs? - Things You Need To Know

Dogs are really awesome and therefore they are deemed as the man’s best friend. That’s true in a sense. A dog can be helpful to you in keeping company and act as a companion in any adventure you want to have. If you decide to hike in some beautiful natural scenery, you would definitely like to have some partner with you so that you can have an awesome company and golden memories.

Wouldn’t be it great if you could get your dog with you? Yes, Golden Retrievers are perfect and good hiking dogs.

In this article, we'll discuss are Golden Retrievers good hiking dogs, and the hiking ability of Golden Retrievers will be made.

Are Golden Retrievers Good Hiking Dogs?
Are Golden Retrievers Good Hiking Dogs? 

Golden Retriever:

The Golden Retriever is quite a cheering Scottish dog and is standing among America’s most popular dog breeds. This breed is quite strong, muscular and athletic breed having a shiny coat which also gives this breed the name as Golden Retriever. The Golden Retrievers were bred for long hunts across various landscapes like lakes, forests, and mountainous areas.

They are quite famous for their seriousness in hunting and fieldwork, helpfulness in search and rescue operations, and are quite obedient. They are also deemed to be as good going in competitive events.

Golden Retrievers are quite extroverted, easy to train, and reliable dogs. They are said to be energetic outdoor dogs making them quite a good choice for hiking through thick forests or passing through the streams with very little distraction.

Things to take note when golden retriever go for hiking

Things to Take Note before going on Long Hike

1. Exercise required by Golden Retrievers:

It is certain that before setting out on any adventure, you should made up your mind and have exercised enough so that the upcoming endeavor can be passed easily without any hurdle. So, it is required to train your Golden Retriever as well, before setting out to the hiking or adventure.

There is certain age restriction for training and exercising your dog. If they are given hard exercise while they are young, it can cause trouble of all sorts in their joints. So, it’s necessary to wait for them when they are about 18 months.

There is a golden rule to keep on adding 5 minutes each month in their training. This can help them in being active for long and having endurance while hiking.

Due to their openness to training, retrievers are sort of good choice for going hiking. 

Golden Retriever training

2. Running Speed

The Golden Retrievers have good running speed up to 30 mph (48 km/h) with their good sprint. This speed makes them quite useful for hiking and traveling for long distances. Due to this much speed, they can also negotiate the steep slopes with ease. 

Due to this characteristic, they can prove to be good companions through forests and mountainous areas. 

Rehydrate Your Golden Retriever

3. Rehydrate Your Dog

As hiking is quite a hectic job itself, therefore make sure that you are giving the adequate food and water to your retriever. Avoid over-burdening the golden retriever as it can lead them to being slow in speed. 

Water can be having sort of organisms which can lead to the diseases in the retrievers. So, it is necessary to be having collapsible water bowls with you. For drinking water of your golden retriever, you should be having a Portable water bottle with yourself.

If golden retrievers are having an adequate supply of food and disease-free water, they will have high energy level for hiking.

Adequate Control on your Golden Retriever

4. Adequate Control on your Golden Retriever

It is very important to have proper control over your dog so as to prevent any mishap while being on an adventure like hiking. The Golden Retrievers are said to be quite obedient in this sense. They have a very less distraction level making them quite attentive in perceiving the instructions issued by you.

Before going to hiking, if you had given enough time in training your dog with recalls skills, then golden retrievers are just fabulous choice as a companion in tough terrains. Keep working until your retriever has improved enough skills in this field.

Another part regarding the critical safety of the goldens is the control of the leash. A grip on the classic nylon leash of your golden retriever can prevent serious accidents and can help in lasting their energy level longer. 

If you succeed in improving the control over your golden retriever, then this breed will amaze you while being with you in every situation.

Golden Retriever Do Well in Most Temperature

5. Golden Retriever Do Well in Most Temperature

Regarding the endurance of the Golden Retrievers, it is quite popular that they feel better in moderate to cold temperatures. They just get overheated, which is a potential problem for them. Due to this nature, it is not the best choice to take them with you while being in hot areas.

Golden Retriever Hiking Dog

6. Golden Retriever Can Help To carry Goods

Yes, you heard it right, Golden Retriever can carry his food while being on a long hike. The Golden Retrievers are known as working dogs, so they are used to do their work. On average, they can carry a weight of eight pounds (8 lbs.) with them for as long as four days. Due to this easiness, it becomes quite easy for you to take other essentials with you.

But, one should off weight the retrievers when they are negotiating steep and rocky climbs, as their pads would start to wear down. Even in hot weather, you will have to take the weight off your golden retriever as it would heat him up.

Essentials to make your Golden Retriever a Good Hiking Dog

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It is obvious that one needs some essentials while traveling, so does your golden retriever. If you have a good collection of essentials with yourself for your retriever, then be sure that he is going to be more than helpful while being on hiking. The list of essentials is as follows.

Dog Pack – If you want to put the load on the dog, then a dog pack is a must-have essential. It would help you to organize the things in order, assisting the dog in utilizing less energy.

Golden Retriever Boots – As you need good hiking boots, so does your golden retriever. Your dog’s feet also need some protection for harsh terrains, so it won’t be a bad deal to invest a little in your retriever’s boots. Walking for long distances can lead to a sore in the paws which can make the situation quite difficult.

Towel and BlanketFor a long hike, the idea of having a towel and blanket with yourself is a good idea. The Golden Retrievers are known to be water lovers. So, towel and blanket will come in handy in such areas having little streams or water. 

Harness LeashIt is a vital tool for areas like mountainous terrains or climbs. It would let you have control over your dog making it easy for him to climb or walk down the slopes. 

Are Golden Retrievers Picky about their Sleeping Spots?

Are Golden Retrievers Picky about their Sleeping Spots?

No, the golden retrievers are not picky and moody about their sleeping spots. If you are in a forest, resting on a hammock, all you will need is to place a foam pad for your retriever under the hammock, and the dog will sleep peacefully.

However, if there is cold outside or it is snowing, having Golden Retriever as a companion in the tent won’t be an issue at all.

So, due to this attitude, the Golden Retrievers can be said as the dogs with much of an ease in terms of traveling, making them perfect companions for hiking.


Golden Retrievers are really good companions for hiking. They have got speed, high energy levels, and are quite obedient dogs. They are always eager to have the approval of their owner. All in all, the Golden Retrievers can prove to be companions who are quite worthy. 

They have less distraction level making them to be focused on their target and mentally available with their owner. They can carry their food with themselves as well. They have got a good sprinting speed.

The only thing which can make a little worried is that they can prove to be a bit of lazy and kind of headache when going through the areas which are hot. This is because this breed gets heated quickly. So, make sure that you have either trained him well for the hot weather or don’t take him with yourself at all if you are going to hiking terrain with hot climate.

Out of the rating of 10, 7.5 can be awarded to the golden retrievers for their availability and ease in handling on long hikes. 

Do you agree Golden Retrievers are good hiking dog? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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