10 DIY Cute Halloween Dog Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner. As always during this the festival, I bring my pups with their cute spooky Halloween costumes on them having a small walk around the neighborhood.

This year, I’m looking to DIY cute Halloween costumes for them. I came across Pinterest and found some eyes catching handmade costumes. I’m so excited to share with you the 10 Halloween Dog Costumes I’ve curated. Make sure to tell us what you think in the comments below! I would love to hear from you.

Besides that, I’m also going to DIY Christmas dog costumes and don’t forget to follow my Pinterest board Sarah Haw for the latest updates. 

No Sew Spider Dog Costume

10. No-Sew Spider Dog Costume

Have you ever seen the viral video of mutant Giant Spider Dog Costume? When coming to Halloween, this costume keeps vivid in my mind. 

That how spooky and cute it was. But here is the cute version of this spider dog costume. 

DIY Halloween Dog Costume - tikkido

DIY Dinosaur Dog Costume

9. DIY Dinosaur Dog Costume

Need a quick DIY costume for your dog on this coming Halloween, check this out crafbits project with complete instructions and materials that you need.

DIY Halloween Dog Costume - craftbits

Superman Dog Costume

8. Superman Dog Costume

Make a superman cape for your dogs. Dogs are loyalty companion, cheering our life, and definitely my superhero.

Superman Dog Costume - brit

Rocket Dog Costume

7. Rocket Dog Costume

Calling all space lovers! This is a low budget Halloween dog costume yet it so creative by using two soda bottles and tissue paper to make and the rocket engines.

Rocket Dog Costume – costume works

Mini M&Ms Halloween Dog Costume

6. Mini M&Ms Halloween Dog Costume

This is so creative and it’s put a smile on my face that turns your dog into favorite candy. Lol!!

Mini M&Ms Halloween Dog Costume – beaglesandbargains

Unicorn Costume For Dog

5. Unicorn Costume For Dog

Halloween just around the corner, dress up your dog with this DIY unicorn costume. It’s gonna be having fun and attract your neighbor's attention.

Unicorn Costume For Dog - craftboxgirls

Dog Halloween Costume Cupcake

4. Dog Halloween Costume Cupcake

This cute cupcake costume is so easy to make and it uses a few materials to make. If your dog is food lovers, try to let them wear it!

Dog Halloween Costume Cupcake – lovelyindeed

DIY Garden Gnome Dog Costume

3. DIY Garden Gnome Dog Costume

Did your dog have an obsession to play in the garden? Dress this Garden Gnome dog costume and bring your dog for dog walking during Halloween. This costume only takes around 30 minutes to make it

DIY Garden Gnome Dog Costume - thecraftingchicks

DIY S’Mores Dog Costume

2. DIY S’Mores Dog Costume

This dog costume is super easy to make with just three materials needed. The outcome is freaking awesome!!

DIY S’Mores Dog Costume - studiodiy

TY Tag Dog Costume

1. TY Tag Dog Costume

This is the most creative, simple dog costume which nearly no budget needs to speed on making it. I have to endorse whoever the one who thought of this idea!!


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