Why and How To Stop Your Dog Barking In Crate At Night?

dog barking in crate at night

It’s normal for dogs to bark, but when a dog always barking during night time can quickly become annoying.

A barking dog can keep us up at night, stop us from enjoying our quiet time, and even lead to complaints from the neighbors.

So it’s important for all dog owners to find out why your dog is barking at night and ways to stop this bad behavior.

This article will help you to deal with a bad behavior dog that is barking in a crate at night.

Why Dog Barking In Crate At Night

For some dog barking in the crate is a self-rewarding behavior. If your dog’s barking and keeping you awake at night or, worse yet, waking you up hours before your alarm, you’re not alone.

Dogs barking for a variety of different reasons. The most frequently are:

  • Seeking for attention
  • Isolation distress
  • Anxiety around being left alone.

3 Simple Tips To Stop Your Dog Barking In The Crate At Night.

Your puppy really needs an opportunity to understand that the crate is a safe, comfortable, happy place to be. A great way to reinforce that sense is by having them in their crate when you’re watching TV beside them.

  1. Giving your puppy Chew toys is a great pass time for your puppy in their crate and a really great way to keep them a little bit distracted and build the idea on their crate is a great place for them to be.
  2. Putting the crate near the eyesight or earshot of you. Bring their crate into your bedroom close to wherever it is that you’re sleeping at night. This allows you to be able to communicate with them when they are barking. Using your voice as an interrupter to your dog barking. As barking is a pretty self-rewarding behavior for a lot of puppies. What you need to do is to break them out of that cycle of barking.
  3. If some puppies won’t even respond to the verbal. Tapping on the top of the crater or tapping on the side of the crater is another way that produces the sound to break the cycle of barking.


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