Top 10 Homemade Grain Free Dog Treat Recipes

Sometimes giving your pup a treat makes you go all sorts of crazy. Specifically when you are the kind of person who would want to give the right nutrients with the best taste and make it the best treat for your tiny bundle of happiness.

We have tried to make your task a bit less stressful. Here are the top 10 homemade grain-free dog treat recipes.

1. Grain-Free Biscuits

Including only four ingredients this recipe is the best in terms of giving the healthy and most beneficial nutrients to your doggy.

Get the recipe at SkinnyMS

2. Cozy Kitchen Grain-Free Dog Treats

Garbanzo bean flour being the highlight of this recipe is exactly what makes this a must try treat for your dog.

Get the recipe at ACozyKitchen

3. Grain-Free Sweet Potato Dog Treat

Sweet potatoes are one of the most liked in terms of health, the best treat for your dog. This recipe includes such cookies that give the right amount of carb your dog might need.

Get the recipe at TheHealthyMaven

4. Peanut Butter and Ginger Snaps

The best holiday treat for your dog, including almond and hint of ginger this treat is as delicious as the aroma it gives off.

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5. Homemade Ingredient Grain-Free Dog Treat

With a delicious combination of sweet potato with pumpkin, this is a treat that is likely to become your dogs all-time favorite.

Get the recipe at LexisCleanKitchen

6. Homemade Grain-Free Bacon Dog Treat

For sure bacon is the most favorite essential that almost every dog loves. This is just the recipe you might need for an elite treat for your dog.

Get the recipe at Ohemcee

7. Dried Chewy Banana Dog Treats

If bananas are the favorite of your dog this is the simplest treat you might need to know.

Get the recipe at SugarTheGoldenRetriever


8. Homemade Healthy Grain-Free Dog Food

A three-ingredient recipe can be customized as per your need. This is exactly what your dog might need for a change.

Get the Recipe at TheHarverstSkillet

9. Homemade Dog Chews

The right vitamins and the right amount of nutrients are what this recipe offers you. The chews may be made with bananas or sweet potatoes whatever may suit your dog.

Get the Recipe at HappyMoneySaver

10. Peanut Butter and Coconut Oil Dog Treat

This no baking recipe includes the right oils that are perfect for making your dog healthier and its coat shining brighter than the daylight. Coconut oil is safe for dogs to consume.

Did you know the benefits of  Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil can help to improve the dog's skin, coat, oral health, weight loss and improve dog brain function. Study conduct that, coconut oil provides ketones that help repair memory function and brain health. It is suitable for different ages and stages of the dog. But for a puppy, you need to consult your nearest vet as the amount of intake is very important for your puppy.

Here is the article on coconut oil for dogs.

Get the Recipe at GoldenBarrel


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