7 Corgi Puppies Facts You Need To Know

1. Two distinct types of corgi breeds

Welsh Corgis come in two main types: the Pembroke Welsh corgi and the Cardigan Welsh corgi. Both have similar shapes, bodies, levels of intelligence, and herding ability, but they are considered two entirely different breeds because they come from different ancestors.

How do we differentiate both types by looking at it?

The easiest way to differentiate between a Pembroke and a Cardigan is that Pembroke does not have a tail. Besides, that Pembroke Welsh corgis have pointy ears while Cardigan has rounded ears.

2. Corgi Puppies Characteristics

i) Temperament

Corgi is the top 10 best friendliness toward humans and pets like cats and dogs. They have good social skills and playing along with other pets. Corgi also being gentle with kids, playing around attitude toward running, screaming children are all characteristics that make a kid-friendly dog

ii) Do corgi puppies shed?

Corgis do shed a lot. I mean A LOT! You need to have to deal with some level of dog hair on your clothes and in your house, if you are going to share your house with them. But the good news, it is easy to groom. Using Pet Grooming Gloves, the shedding hair sticks to the glove, making it easy to peel and throw hair away.

Corgis love you to pet and make it relax, comfortable. A daily comb or brushing will remove some of the ever-present hair you will find all over your house. In the late spring they shed even more, so giving them a bath during this time would be an excellent way to loosen up hair ahead of time

iii) Corgi Trainability Level

Corgi puppies are born with boldness and should definitely be signed up for early socialization and training classes to ensure a bright future for this lovable pup.

During puppyhood, it’s very important to slowly expose them to a wide variety of situations so they aren’t overwhelmed. Bring people and dogs over to meet your corgi, and let your corgi figure out how to interact with them.

Corgis respond well to rewards-based training. They are highly sensitive, so harsh reactions will only frighten this breed and not get the desired outcome you’re looking for.

iv) Corgi Life Span

Corgis live between 12 – 13 years on average.

3. Corgi puppies for adoption

If you plan to adopt a corgi puppy, I have good news for you. According to the AKC Rescue Network, they have a list of corgi been rescued on their site.  You can search for a corgi or corgi mix that has all the characteristics you want from the breed. Besides that, all shelter animals are spayedneutered, and microchipped before they become available for adoption.

So the dog you adopt does not need to go through the common medical procedures. But if you plan to get a new corgi puppy, make sure to be a responsible pet owner.

4. History of Corgi

Welsh Corgis believe exist back in 10 centuries where Vikings and Flemish weavers brought them home from Wales to use as herding dogs. Both Pembroke and Cardigan are historically agricultural areas of Wales. According to Welsh legend, fairies used them to pull their carriages or ride them into battle. This making corgi so special, magical, and highly intelligent dog which they enchanted by fairies.

You will be surprised that, Queen Elizabeth II has owned more than 30 Corgis since 1945. Corgis characteristics, intelligence, highly trainable that make the queen love to have them.

5. Corgi also knew as Dwarf Dog

Corgi also called a dwarf dog, because of their short leg. But funny enough, in the Oxford English Dictionary, cor means dwarf and gi mean dog.

6. Corgis love to Boop

Corgis love to make a boop whenever you get close to you and suddenly smacks their very little snouts against your nose in a very slobbery.  This is the action of getting attention from you. Below is the heart Boop.

7. Corgis have the cutest butt

Last but not least, the corgi butt is so attractive and cute that it will make your day. It the cutest thing that, you don’t want to miss out. Please share my cutest butts to whom you care of, to make their day!


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