Brain Training For Dogs Reviews – Will It Help Your Dog?

To be honest, I’m always skeptical of training courses online. But today I’m going to share my Brain Training For Dogs reviews with you

There are tons of online dog training courses out there. You probably heard many of it does not work, some are outdated resources, and some are unsafe courses to train your beloved dogs.

Brain Training For Dog

I have personally enrolled in the Brain Training For Dogs program and use it on my own dogs.

It worked!

The main reason is that the training techniques, force-free, and science-based approaches are solid.

I’m so excited to share with you what you can expect for this program unlike hundreds of online dog training programs that are downright dangerous.

The Brain Training For Dogs reviews is over 2200 words in length, so grab a cup of coffee and read it from top to bottom. I’m sure will benefits you if you are looking for online dog training courses.

What’s Inside the Brain Training for Dogs program?

Use the below handy link to navigate to any sections that you are interested in.

  1. Getting Started
    • Who is Adrienne Farricelli The Dog Trainer?
    • Science-Based & Force-Free Training Philosophy
    • Handy Troubleshoot Guide For Dog Owner
    • Things To Take Note on Brain Training For Dogs Program
  2. Brain Training For Dog Program Structure
    • Obedience Training 101
    • Polishing Up Training
    • Brain Training [Pre-School to Einstein]
    • Force-Free Dog Training (Airplane Game Video)
    • Advanced Brain Train Games Einstein
  3. Behavior Training Courses
    • Jumping [Video]
  4. Pros & Cons
  5. Conclusion

Getting Started

Adrienne Farricelli is the founder of the Brain Training for Dogs Program. She introduces the science-based approach, force-free training to train pets.

This method is exactly the opposite of dominance training which is widely used by a lot of dog trainers.

Dominance training or called “Pack Leader” will cause the dog:

  • Afraid of trying new things
  • Low self-esteem
  • Lack of trust with the owner

Adrienne’s training method is to stimulate your dog mentally to be a problem solver, love to take part in every training, and accelerate the learning through reward-based.

In my review of Brain Training for Dogs, I will explain why it’s one of the best online dog training programs out there. I’ll also give you a case study of how it works and my experience with my own dogs.

Who is Adrienne Farricelli The Dog Trainer?

Adrienne Farricelli has been working with a dog for more than 10 years’ experience. She is a certified dog trainer and dog behavior consultant.

She also a professional CPDT-KA certified dog trainer living in Arizona. Adrienne’s work has been published online in multiple platforms such as USA Today, Paw Nation, Daily Puppy because of her training method is so effective which are science-based training, force-free, gentle techniques.

Science-Based & Force-Free Training Philosophy

Most online dog trainers are using the "Pack Leader" method to train dogs.

This method is a dominance training that means the dogs will get punishment if it performs a bad behavior. This type of training will cause the dogs afraid of trying new things, explore and low self-esteem.

So, what is Science-Based Training? 

In layman terms, it is in the form of rewards-based to train your dog. Adrienne’s training will show you the force-free with a science-based way to train your dog and boosts up the relationship with your pooch. This is a win-win situation.

I receive many similar questions asking me about whether the Brain Training For Dogs program is suitable for my dog. Rest assured, the program has a cover different level of dog’s age stages, vary from puppies to adults and senior dogs.

I’m all about believing in science-based training, it is universally understandable and works in pets. Keeping your dog mentally and physically stimulated to prevent bad behaviors.

Handy Troubleshoot Guide For Dog Owner

As you know your dog and you are unique, so training doesn’t always go smoothly as plan.

Adrienne has thought about that.

Therefore, there is a section where Adrienne has included a handy troubleshooting guide. I’m so impressed with Adrienne to provide a clear troubleshooting guide and instruction for dog owners on how to make things right.

Besides that, Adrienne also provides a dedicated private forum for her members to discuss and ask questions where she and her team help to solve the problems.

This is an excellent feature to help you and your dog to figure the thing out when nothing is going right.

Things To Take Note on Brain Training For Dogs Program

Brain Training For Dogs program required a few tools in order to train your dogs. But don’t worry, most of the tools can be found in your home or free.

One of the “clicker training” does require a clicker. Adrienne suggests that you can use a verbal marker to replace the clicker. Check out the video here for FREE!

Personally, I strongly recommend using clicker to train your dog to understand the training process smoothly. You can get a clicker for around a buck.

Adrienne also using a stopwatch inside one of the reward-based training, but I replace it with my smartphone.

There is also a difference between treats and methods to hold it. This is important and Adrienne shows you which to use and when to reward your dogs. Avoid your finger being bite!

One of the best parts of the Brain Training For Dogs Program, you aren’t just provided a training lesson online only. Every section, there’s an exam you can do with your dog and an exam grade level chart as a checklist to see how well your dog performs.

Oh ya! there is also a private forum to ask questions if not provided in the course. But you only able to join in if you are a member.

Brain Training For Dog Program Structure

Brain Training Course structure

This program uses a series of 21 games to train the brain of your dogs. It has 5-courses modules step by step to reach the goal.

Here is the quick breakdown:

  1. Getting Started: You will learn what tools you need, the introduction of the course and clicker training to get everything started.
  2. Obedience Training 101: Don’t skip this part, you will need to teach your dog basic obedience commands as a fundamental of this course in order to proceed next.
  3. Polishing Up Training: This part is where you test your dog’s skill and evaluate how well is doing!
  4. Brain Training: Adrienne structure the resources and courses according to the level of difficulty that your pooch will learn. There are 7 stages. Preschool, Elementary, High School, College, University, Graduation, Einstein.
  5. Closing Words: 7 trick training video and receive some bonuses at absolutely no extra charge to you.

Obedience Training 101

Don’t skip this module! Don’t skip this module!

It is important and I have to say twice. This module is the foundation to train your dog before proceeding to the next module.

In this module, you and your dog will learn:

  • Using the Lure
  • Sit
  • Lie Down
  • Take/Leave It
  • Drop It
  • Stay
  • Recall
  • Heeling and Attention Heeling

This training is the foundation for the next brain training activities for your dog. So, your dog is listening well to your command. Think about this…

Your dog is chasing birds toward a busy road full of traffic. How you going to stop your dog, if it does not train well to listen to your command. I’m not dared to imagine what will happen next. I’m sure you do not want a bad thing happened, so do I.

Polishing Up Training

After your dog master in obedience training 101. This module, you will learn how to fade food lures your dog to listen to you even when there is no food in sight.

Simplifying hand signals so that your dogs know how to react and learn a very simple tactic to increase your dog obedience with verbal cues.

You will also learn how to boost your dog obedience level by fading continuous reward with a force-free and science-based approach.  

Here are the training activities:

  • Fading Food Lures
  • Simplifying Hand Signals
  • Adding Verbal Cues
  • Hand Signals vs. Verbal Cues
  • Fading Continuous Rewards

Brain Training [Pre-School to Einstein]

There’s a school program for your dog. The activities and exercise will become more challenging as you advanced into a different level of school.

You can decide which school your dog level is at. But I recommend starting from pre-school even though your dog is already known how to do it.

Below are the school level and activities:


  • Targeting
  • Look Into My Eyes
  • The Airplane Game


  • The Treasure Hunt
  • The Muffin Game
  • The Ball Pit Game


  • Jazz Up and Settle Down
  • The Bottle Game
  • Bobbing for Treats


  • The Shell Game
  • Open Sesame
  • The Magic Carpet


  • Hide and Seek
  • Look at That
  • Hot and Cold


  • Leg Weaving
  • Serpentines and Spirals
  • Name Discrimination


  • The Tidy Up Game
  • Ring Stackers
  • Play the Piano

At the end of each training activity, there will be an exam to test your dog how fast your dog can complete it and grade your dog.

There will be a grade table for you to refer

Grade Table

Even after your dog has completed the exam, it’s a good idea to practice every now and again.

Try asking him to target your hand in different positions, such as down low, a little bit higher, in front of you, or even behind your back! By introducing variety to the exercise, the behavior will become more reliable. This will be helpful in successfully completing the next level.

Force-Free Dog Training

At the Preschool level, you will have a peek on how easy force-free training is and what your dog can learn.  

I will talk about one of the games which are Airplane game.

This game will teach your dog that looking into your eyes with grants him a treat. It’s the Look into My Eyes brain game that learns In Preschool.

Whether you own a puppy, an adult dog, or a rescue dog, this game is a great way to bond and help him view you as a source of rewards and pleasure!

The only things you will need to play this game are some larger treats that protrude from your fingers (a dog cookie works well in this case) and your clicker or verbal marker. So, let’s get started!

Airplane Game

Advanced Brain Train Games Einstein

In Einstein advanced level, there are lots of interesting games to stimulate your dog’s brain.

It was way so fun! The advance exercises are:

  1. The tidy up game: Train your dog to pick up their toys and put them inside a container! This game will need your dog to be familiar with the take, drop it, and recall cues found in the Obedience 101 section.
  2. Ring Stackers: The objective of the game is somewhat similar to "The Tidy Up Game" but instead of your dog dropping toys into a container, he will need cutting-edge precision to get plastic rings to drop onto a narrow paper towel holder.
  3. Play the piano: Teach your dog to play the piano. It doesn’t matter if he decides to play with his paws or play with his nose; the goal is to have him put some notes together to compose a little piece for you.

Check out this advanced game training short video of Adrienne doing flawless weave work!

              Flawless Weave Work Dog Training

Behavior Training Courses

Besides brain training courses, Adrienne also provides behavior training courses as a free bonus. To help you fix the common bad behavior that dog has.

Below are the behavior training topics with video included and instruction:

  1. Whining
    • Attention-Seeking Whining
    • Anxious Whining
    • Excitement Whining
    • Toy/Bone Related Whining
  2. Digging
  3. Barking
    • Barking at Nothing
    • Barking at Doorbells or Door Knocks
    • Barking at Other Triggers
  4. Chewing
  5. Jumping

Let discusses the common problems dog owner facing … jumping behavior!

Jumping Video (Attention-Seeking Jumping)


Dogs like to jump on their owners as a way of saying hello, especially after not seeing them for some time.

However, you ignore the greeting because you have a zillion other things to do.

Your dog decides to jump on you and bark. “Down!” you scold, but within a few seconds there he goes again.

Truth is, for many dogs, negative attention is better than no attention at all! When you tell your dog “down,” you make eye contact, you talk to him, and you may even touch him when you push him down.

There are better and kinder ways to train a dog to not jump.

Your first step is to completely ignore your dog when he is excited and jumping. Just turn your back and go on with your errands. This is called "negative punishment" in dog-training lingo.

With negative punishment, we simply remove something the dog likes (attention) for the purpose of suppressing the unwanted behavior.

This means no looking at the dog, no talking to the dog, and no touching the dog. The only thing you can do is turn your back to him the moment he jumps on you.

Here is the video on how to fix the jumping bad behavior.

Pros & Cons


Honestly, I haven’t found any online dog training courses like Brain Training For Dogs. The program structure itself has taken you step by step to train your dog effectively.

All the training is well taught and clear instruction. Sometimes, just read from an eBook or article is not enough to understand well.

But Adrienne does provide the training video and exam to final check on your dog progress grade. You can read the material anytime as the program is online and fit in different electronic devices.

It has a private forum where all members able to ask questions and help each other. Adrienne has built up a very good community. She also gives members direct access to her email and she tries to answer every email personally. Which I love about and she is so committed.


Nothing is perfect. Here are the few things I wish to be improving in the Brain Training For Dogs program.

First is one or two of the video sound quality is a little muddy but you still can hear what Adrienne’s saying. So, it still can be acceptable.

Second is inside the program the training resource is not consolidating into one place. What I mean is the Brain Training and Behavior Training Resources is placing separately.

So, you need to navigate it through the menu of the website.

Do not confuse about this okay!


Brain Training for Dogs is by far the best dog training program out there. I highly recommended to buy and enroll in this program.

What a bargain! At a cost of $47, you can access all the material, all the videos and many years of training expertise and not to mention the same alike community.

If you hired a trainer to train your dog, you could expect to pay up to $350 per section. To train your dog in the full course would set you back the amount of $3,300.

Besides the pricing, the main reason I recommend the program are:

  • The training methods are using a force-free and science-based approach.
  • Fun and easy activities to stimulate your dog mentally and physically
  • The information is clear and easy to understand with also video. provided which can rewind to see how exactly Adrienne doing it
  • Adrienne Farricelli is a highly qualified dog trainer and behavior consultant.
  • A like-minded community in Adrienne’s private forum.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you purchase through my link. This helps pay for hosting the website and keep the site up running. Thank you!


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