Are Golden Retrievers Aggressive?

Golden Retrievers are well-known as gentle, fun-loving, good temperament, and 3rd most intelligent dog breeds according to American Kennel Club (AKC). Golden Retrievers were the most popular dog breeds for family and kids.

I have heard many Golden Retriever owners would swear their dog is the most gentle and loving of all. And they are mostly right since both Labradors and Golden Retrievers are considered to be the kindest breeds.

For the 1st time dog owner who wants to raise or adopt a golden retriever would always bring up the questions. Are Golden Retrievers Be Aggressive? The short answer is NO. However, it is not wrong to ask yourself Can A Golden Retriever Be Aggressive?

The long answer to the question is yes. They can. They are usually very calm and gentle, but several things might cause a Golden Retrieve to explode. Abuse or neglect from their owners as well as inadequate socialization is some of those factors.

Let's have a deeper look at what could cause aggressive behavior in Golden Retrievers, how to avoid it from happening, and how to understand it.

golden retriever family dog

Golden Retrievers are Top 5 "best family dog"

According to the AKC official website, Golden Retrievers has ranked as the top 5 of the most popular dog breeds for a family over a decade. Below are the stats from the AKC website.

Year        Ranked
2018 - 2012        3rd
2011        4th
2010        5th
2009        3rd

What Might Cause A Golden Retriever to Exhibit Aggressive Behaviour?

The environment and the overall treatment a dog receives from his or her owners have a huge impact on developing or not aggressive behavior.

Some factors contribute more to cause aggression than others. Although with some variation from one individual to another.

we can generalize some of these factors and point out situations that are more likely to make even the most peaceful Golden Retriever exhibit aggressive behavior.

Let's have a look at some factors that might lead to aggressive behavior in Golden Retrievers.

1. Lack of outdoor activity

The Golden Retriever breed was designed to retrieve items for outdoor activity with their owners. This dog breed is highly active and usually have a lot of energy.

If Golden Retriever doesn't get enough outdoor activity or exercise, it will show destructive behavior which might turn into aggression. Make sure your dog always has enough exercise.

2. Being subjected to new frightening experiences

New experiences and new environments are not only stressful for humans. Dogs are creatures of habit and mostly don't know how to process new experiences. A new situation can cause anxiety in many dogs who have an innate sense of fear for the unknown.

3. Neglect from their owners (especially when concerning not being fed well enough)

Any dog who doesn't get enough attention or care from their owners will experience difficulties in trusting people in general.

When it comes to malnourished dogs, aggressive behavior might show up when seeing some food, for the instinct to guard it. They will try to protect food from any threats, including small children who get closer just to play.

4. Physical Abuse

Physical abuse has an enormous impact on a dog's behavior. Dogs who have been beaten or who have experienced any kind of physical abuse will mostly be scared and guarding about people.

If you want to get closer to such dogs, you have to be extremely careful and watch out your body language, posture, and tone of voice. to avoid the dog getting aggressive at you as a way to protect himself.

5. Sickness or illness

None wants to have a lot of people around when feeling sick. Dogs neither. Sick dogs might be uncomfortable when someone tries to play with them and there are feeling ill. Their reaction is not aggressive but just the result of great discomfort.

6. Feeling in pain

Dogs that have hurt themselves will exhibit protective behavior for themselves and might snap or snarl at whoever gets to close to them. Even if it might not be nice from your perspective. try to be understanding of their situation.

7. Feeling in Danger

Golden Retrievers might get aggressive to protect themselves as well as the people they love. Don't get surprised if they start growling at some stranger at night or other dogs.

They usually do it because they felt it could be something dangerous to them or you. Of course. you should train your dogs to avoid acting inappropriately with strangers.

How to Avoid Aggressive Behaviour in Golden Retrievers?

After having seen some factors that might cause a Golden Retriever's aggression, let's have a look at how you can avoid aggressive behavior from the start.

Most of the time. these tips are more effective when your Golden is still a puppy.

1. Make Sure They Get Enough Socialization

Socialization is very important for dogs. It is particularly important as a puppy since dogs use it as a way to understand the world that surrounds them.

A great way to induce your dog to socialize include trips to the park where they can meet other dog or people asking to pet your puppy. By making sure your dog gets accustomed to other dogs and even kind strangers.

2. Build A Reliable Schedule

Dogs are creatures of habit and love to know what is going to happen during their day. For example, try to feed and allowing your dog to get their exercise at the same time every day. they will be a lot calmer and exhibit a better mood.

3. Ensure enough playtime and attention

Your dog should get enough love and attention so that they feel confident about you. Lack of confidence or attention might turn into aggressive behavior.

When it comes to living with a dog. there is always a lot to learn, Golden Retrievers are one of the sweetest breeds but you should make sure they feel comfortable and loved enough to behave properly to ensure your Golden to live as the best version of himself.

Share your Golden Retriever story with me.

Leave a comment down below and tell me is your dog behaves nicely or aggressively.


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