Why Do Golden Retriever Bite Other Dog?

The golden retriever is the top 4 most popular dog breeds in America, many in the U.S raise golden retriever as a family dog as they are playful, heavy-coated, and easy to train. Golden Retriever’s lifespan can go to 10-12 years, and their weight averagely at 28-35 kg.

The reasons that golden retriever is popular in the family dog because they are intelligent can play with children, and most important is their temper is very gentle. Golden Retrievers loves to play around outside and they like to play with water as well whenever they got a chance. If they were well trained at a young age, they are good to play with your children even for the whole day.

However, even a golden retriever is considered a gentle kind family dog, but there are some cases that golden retriever biting other dogs. So, in this passage, we are going to analyze the reasons behind this.

6 Reasons Golden Retriever Bite Other Dogs

1. Response to Fear or Distress

First, the reason that causes golden retriever to bite other dogs is they are giving responses to their fear or stress. If the dog finding himself is in a stressful situation, he will find a chance to bite others to self-defense and protect his territory from being occupied.

Besides, if the pet owner used to frighten their dog or hurt them for a long time might resulting in phobia to socialize with human beings.

2. Bite Because of Pain

If your dog is currently suffering from an illness, you might want to hold them gently or avoid touching them so that you’re not accidentally touching the sensitive area and cause them to bite you.

3. Early Life Abuse and Mistreatment

Before every one of you decides to raise a golden retriever do consider that golden retriever usually started to grow from the 8th to 14th week of their age.

If they are being abused and mistreatment before this age at the time you decided to adopt, it may harden for you to train them to live as a normal pet dog. They might act abnormally such as biting often as the mistreatment life already cause a bad impact on them.

4. Natural Response

On top of that, when your golden retriever loves biting sometimes it isn’t because of the reasons above but they bite because it is the nature in their blood. This is common for all kinds of dog breeds especially those small puppies as they might think that you are playing with them.

With proper guidance showing your dog that this behavior is incorrect and teach them to reduce their bite pressure in order to decrease the chance, they hurt someone.

If pet owners thinking that their pet is slightly difficult to train at an older age, they can consider seeking help from local animal authorities or dog training schools with the help of professionals to train their pets.

5. Teeth Growing

Despite the reasons mentioned above, dog teething will be the major reasons causing golden retriever to bite.

As the pet owner, it is important to always check on your puppy’s teeth condition it’s like human babies whenever their teeth starting to grow, they want to have something to chew to relieve the pain.

Other than this, having a chewing toy during the teething process will help to improve their gums and teeth in the future.

How to Stop Golden Retriever from Biting?

  1. Say “NO” when your puppy trying to bite someone or even something.
  2. Having your puppy socialize with new people helps to train their socializing skills and being more optimistic.
  3. Chew toys can help in your puppy gum and teeth when growth, it can avoid your dog to bite others when they going to bite.

Share your solutions to stop Golden Retriever from biting with me.

Leave a comment down below and tell me how you stop your Golden Retriever to bite.


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