Why Does Golden Retriever Losing Hair?

Golden Retriever can be a wonderful companion and highly intelligent dog which is the 3rd smartest dog breed. I know why you’re here; you care so much your dog’s health.

The main reason why does Golden Retriever Losing Hair is normally caused by the hormone, which is hypothyroidism. Golden Retriever goes through hormonal changes is very normal as it is the dog’s stages of life. Do not worry, there is always a solution.

Hopefully, I can help you to understand the top 6 reasons Golden Retriever shedding, how to reduce hair loss in Golden Retriever, and facts that you need to know about Golden Retriever

6 Reason Golden Retriever Losing Hair

hypothyroidism disease in dogs

1. Hypothyroidism in Dogs

The most common problem that happened in dogs is Hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism normally occurs in the middle stages of a dog’s life and medium to large breed dogs. Golden Retriever’s breed is one of the breeds that commonly affected on hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism happens when the thyroid hormone is not enough to produce from the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is found in the throat. The thyroid controls the speed of body burns energy, makes proteins, and the way sensitive the body ought to be to alternative hormones.

How do you know if my dog is having Hypothyroidism? It is impossible by just looking at the condition of your dogs with bare eyes. There are no other symptoms to show other than shedding or loss and thinning fur.

The right method to diagnose hypothyroidism is to bring your dog to the local vet to do blood tests.

Dandruff in Dogs Caused By Dry skin

2. Dandruff in Dogs Caused By Dry skin

Did you notice your dog frequently scratching feel itchy and has white specks that accumulate in their fur? All are the symptoms of having dandruff.

Dogs are just like humans which can suffer from dandruff which normally cause by dry skin. But there are a few reasons which cause dandruff such as an unhealthy diet, environment, and parasite infection. If you look properly, you could possibly see there are some spots on your dog skin having red irritated or inflamed.

Long-haired dog’s breeds are normally having dandruff if not taking of good care, especially Golden Retriever at risk. Do not worry, talk with the vet and they will sort out the problem for you.

There are few ways to prevent dandruff on Golden Retriever before it’s too late.

One of the most common ways is to plan out a healthy high nutrients diet plan for your dog. To have a healthy coat and skin it needs high Omega-3 and Omega-6, fatty acids, and proteins. Golden Retriever needs to consume a balanced diet not only meat but fish. You could search for a dog food that has an ingredient of Duck, Chicken Meal, Fish Meal. protein is very important; your dog's skin and hair use 30% of their daily protein intake to grow and develop

Here are the DIY homemade dog food recipes with High-quality protein (meat, seafood, dairy or eggs), Fat (meat or oil), Carbohydrates (grains or vegetables), Calcium (dairy), Essential fatty acids (egg yolks or oatmeal).

3. Mites, Fleas, Parasite Allergies

It is common for Golden Retrievers to shed some fur just like humans lose some hair. But not common to shed large amounts of hair.

Dog loss amount of hair can be caused by allergies and irritation, whether it’s a food allergy environmental or flea allergy. But today we’re going to discuss one of the common causes is flea allergies dermatitis.

How flea allergic happened in the first place?

It happened when your hyperactive dog running around outdoor, dog walking or even playing with some unhygienic foreign object, your dog might get flea bites. The flea will spread saliva when biting
on your dog and causes your dog skin to become itchy.

Your four-legged friend will start scratching hard and irritation on the skin causes the hair to fall out frequently.

Is there a way for flea treatment?

One day my dog was infected flea allergic. I’m like most people who buy flea treatment medicine from an online store. But it not helpful because there are many types of flea treatment medicine sold out there. You are not quite sure which type of medicine is suitable for your dog.

It is better to bring your dog to the nearest vet clinic to let the professional diagnose. Your veterinarian will diagnose, treat, and research medical conditions for your dog.

4. Excessive Grooming

Golden Retriever's shedding is an entirely normal and natural process. But some people mistakenly thinking that shave and grooming can help reduce hair loss, keep their dogs cool and comfortable.

This is the wrongest thought! It can put your Golden Retriever’s health at risk.

Golden Retriever is a long-coat breed. It has long and smooth fur at the outer part and soft and cool fur in the inner part. These two layers help protect Golden Retriever skin form direct access from the heat, sunlight, and during winter coldness. It also acts as an insulator to keep your dog warm.

But don’t get the idea wrong of totally not grooming your dogs, just don’t frequently do it. Grooming the right way can prevent your dogs get an infection from mites, flea, or parasites. Regularly brushing your dog’s fur can removing dirt, keep it cozy.

Here are the grooming tips and guides for Golden Retrievers.

5. Golden Retriever Shedding Season

I noticed that my Golden Retriever is shedding a lot during the spring and autumn season. I mean A LOT! I thought my four-legged friend is not feeling well and having health problems. I bring it to the nearest vet clinic.

All my worries are gone, and I was wrong. Guess what the veterinarian told me!

The vet told me that Golden Retriever is having shedding season! Golden Retrievers will shed a lot during the spring and autumn season compare to winter. The reason behind this, the dog will grow thick coats in the winter to keep them warm and cozy. When the spring is coming, they will start shedding. It is a normal process for long-coat breeds.

6. Unhealthy Diet

An unhealthy diet plan is a common factor to cause your dog sheds. This is because high nutrient of omega 3 and 6 is needed by Golden Retriever to develop a healthy, smooth coat and prevent dry and itchy skin.

What kind of food is having Omega 3 and 6?

Seafood and fish are normally having high Omega-3 especially cold-water fish, salmon, tuna, sardines. Besides that, Soybean oil, chia seeds, eggs, and walnuts. While Omega-6 food is soybeans, corn, sunflower oils, and meat. Here is the best dog food for a dog that in large breeds like Golden Retriever. Dr. Andrea Tu from Park East Animal Hospital New York will discuss what are the food your dog should intake from puppy to senior stages.

Facts that you need to know about Golden Retriever

1. Does shaving a golden retriever help with shedding?

The answer is NO. Some dog owners including me though of shaving their Golden Retriever will help their dog comfortable and clean.

I’m wrong, shaving does not help to reduce Golden Retriever lose hair. It will cause your dog to shed even more and might put your dog’s health at risk.

Why do I say so?

I believe, I mention that Golden Retriever is a long-coat breed on above Golden Retriever Shedding Season, where it grows their fur into two-layer to prevent Golden Retriever from overexposure to heat, cold, UV rays, and excessive moisture.

2. Are there any Golden Retriever breeds that do not shed?

Unfortunately, the answer is NO too. Most dog breed does shed. Example Welsh Corgi, Beagle, Basset Hound, American Eskimo Dog, Golden Retriever and etc. Here is the list of dog breeds with heavy shedding

But, there are small dogs that don’t shed. Example:

  • Affenpinscher
  • Basenji
  • Bichon Frise
  • Bolognese
  • Brussels Griffon
  • Chinese Crested
  • Coton De Tulear
  • Havanese
  • Maltese
  • Lhasa Apso
  • Miniature Schnauzer
  • Poodle

3. Can Golden Retriever be service dogs?

Yes! Most of the service dogs are Golden Retriever. This is because the Golden retriever is the 4th smartest dog breeds in the world compare with other 138 dog breeds. Golden Retriever is well known as intelligence, friendly, tolerant attitude and makes it the best choice to choose as service dogs and it’s also easy to train them.

4. What is the number one cause in dog death?

According to the Golden Retriever Club of America, Cancer is the number one biggest killer in dog breeds including Golden Retriever. It causes 61.4% of deaths according to a 1998 health study

Share your Golden Retriever shedding story with me.

Leave a comment down below and tell me how much does your dog shed and how you control it.


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